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Letter: Courage from Ayotte

I was amazed at former congressman Paul Hodes’s letter condemning Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s courageous vote against the earmark-laden Sandy relief bill (“Swallow your pride, Senator,” Monitor, Feb. 4).

Hodes’s president, Barack Obama, was quite firm in denouncing earmarks while campaigning. I hope some investigative reporter at the Monitor will do an article revealing Hodes’s history on earmarks during his time in Washington.

There is much good and much bad in the lawmaking process. Earmarks are definitely not good and easily controlled by lawmakers who are courageous enough to do the right thing.



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The only time that "courage" and "Ayotte" should be mentioned in the same sentence is when we are discussing a lack thereof. Party hack, partisan attack poodle. She does as she is told, except when she is pandering to NH voters. Read Paul Hodes' letter for comprehension. No bill is perfect, and you can always make excuses for political maneuvering that nonetheless sound like a principled stand. And think about the New Jersey and New York storm victims whose fate was made a political football -- unlike the victims of Katrina and other red state natural disasters.

WOW. The Hurricane Sandy Relief package was filled with 21% pork that had nothing to do with relief. That 13 Billion of pork was what the Dems put in to fund their pet projects. The fact that you folks on the left are fine with that, explains why you folks have no concept of spending us into bankrupcy. And all you folks who think the ACA will save money, also have no clue. When was the last time any govt program saved money, or actually told you the truth about what it would cost? But then again, many of you believe that spending has no downside. Inflation, job loss etc never enter your mind. Just sit back and wait for all the taxes coming our way for the plan you voted for without knowing what is in it.

Veritas, do you know why this bill was held up for so long? The first time around the bill had even more pork in it, to the tune of doubling the cost. 30 billion in pork that was finally scalled back by 9 billion so it only has 21% of pork in it now.

I think in the case of Hodes' letter we should consider the source. Let's not forget his franking history, his disrespect for Blue Star and Gold Star families and the countless videos on You Tube that revealed his arrogance and rudeness towards constituents. His positions were radical and he represented an ideology, not all of the people of NH; he seldom stood on principle. Ayotte took an unpopular yet principled stand on earmarks. We need more like her in Washington.

Great letter!! We got rid of the worst Representative in NH history when Kelly Ayotte cleaned Paul Hodes' clock in 2010.

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