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Letter: GOP shoots itself in the foot

You have to admire the persistence with which the New Hampshire Republican Party shoots itself in the foot.

To attract women voters, the party chooses a belligerent Jennifer Horn to lead it in its anti-women fight to force government into our private lives and make abortion illegal and dangerous. The Republicans fight to keep their paranoid voter-ID law and to demand their right to carry military assault weapons made for killing people. They even call our new female governor “the enemy.”

Are the thousands of women who voted for our governor also seen as enemies? Do the Republicans honestly think that women enjoy seeing their representatives squabble and strangle our Legislature and that women are so easily fooled? Did the recent election victory not teach the party anything? Oh, how I miss the Grand Old Party of very long ago!



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The percentage of people w/o an ID is virtually non-existent (unless the real goal is bringing in bus loads of out-of-towners as was done in OH during the last election). Pictured IDs are required to drive, open accounts, do all manner of interactions with gov't, return merchandise anywhere and the law was very flexible for that extremely rare person who comes to vote w/o an ID. Pictured IDs were mandated for the democratic national convention - was that more important than citizen voting? .

FPM reports that he won 100% of the vote in 21 districts precincts in Cleveland. Think about that… Ohio voters had 7 presidential candidates to choose from, plus the option to write in candidates of their choosing, yet every last voter in 21 districts chose Obama.

I saw a map in the Washington Post that showed by color code which states had voter ID laws. The thing that jumped out at me was that many of the states that have no voter ID laws had one thing in common. States like CA, WA, Vermont, Nevada, MA, etc. I also saw where the Dep Sec of State in NH said that less than 1% of folks voting in NH had no ID. Just saying.

"vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10% ). The National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county.”

Van-you should listen to more than Rush or Sean. Voter ID proposals, other than ID such as driver license were very unpopular!!

Walter multiple polls showing Voter ID with 70% plus. Where is your evidence or are you a Low Information Monitor Reading Voter., Both of the above are liberal So your source is what the Joke Huffington Post?

Let's be clear on the concepts: genuine voter "ID'" laws versus laws intended to make voting more difficult and onerous, particularly for urban voters. Most, if not all the initiatives favored by Republicans did or would do the latter. Polling on such issues would tend to reflect the wording on the polled question, as well. The evidence on both "voter fraud" and the voter ID laws is quite clear: the fraud is virtually non-existent in federal elections, and the laws were indeed intended to suppress voter turnout. The fact so many were rushed into law prior to the November election is telling in this regard. And demographics does not favor Republicans in the long term, so long as they keep many of their current positions. Hence the resort to voter suppression measures. The most recent, post-election efforts, are those designed to reallocate electoral college votes by county in red states. Had this been done in the 2012 election--Romney would have won the electoral college vote, while still losing the popular vote.

News flash Voter ID law was very popular, unless of course you are an extremist liberal.

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