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Letter: Video games are not the problem

I’m tired of uninformed letters claiming that violent video games are to blame for the massive number of shootings in America, of which David Murdo’s “Blame TV, video games” (Sunday Monitor, Feb. 3) is simply the most recent.

It’s long been clear anecdotally to anybody with a modicum of awareness of global affairs that such games are sold worldwide; were there a link between the games and shootings, there would be much higher gun-related murder rates per capita worldwide. And this past December, the Washington Post published a study showing almost no correlation between gun-related murder rates and video game spending per capita.

Regardless of one’s position on guns as a whole, it’s clear this is not the problem. It’s time to put this foolish idea to rest and consider other causes, such as America’s inherent deadly and anomalous gun fetish.



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The NRA response: Guns don't kill people, but video games do.

No, guns kill people but they kill people because of our decaying society. Video games contribute, poverty caused by government redistribution from one group to another contributes as they add dependents, a poor economy like the last 5 years contributes, progressives playing the class warfare and envy card contributes, the decay of morality and secular humanism taking precedent with people having faith in nothing bigger than the man sitting in the White House, a society that closes state hospitals and turns thousands of patients in to the street in the name of ACLU patient rights contributes, big government restricting freedom and liberty contributes. Many things contribute and a fraction of a percentage of that is due to people who own guns. Progressives believe in a simplistic approach, take away guns and there will be no more gun crime. The issue is that the criminals will not register guns and if they know where to find them, they will get them. I guess the question begs whether or not this is about incidents like Newtown or is it that progressives fear an armed citizenry which could stop them should they go too far. My guess is the latter.

Robert...instead of saying 'anecdotally', maybe a little web search would show how mistaken you are. For instance: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/our-changing-culture/201212/yes-violent-video-games-do-cause-aggression

Mr. Cummings no doubt works for the video game industry!

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