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Letter: Hodes picked the wrong target

Re “Swallow your pride, Senator” (Monitor letter, Feb. 4):

Former congressman Paul Hodes chastises U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte for voting no to wasteful spending. He may have made a better statement by calling out those members who added the “distasteful provisions.” New Jersey citizens should have been taken care of immediately, but it has to start somewhere, Paul. Maybe if more members took a stand against unnecessary add-ins to good legislation, they would last longer as representatives of their state. Thank you, Sen. Ayotte.



Legacy Comments4

Sure would be nice if you lefties would address the issues. Instead you bypass facts about what was put into that relief bill by the dems. Original bill was 30 billion. Dems doubled it with 30 billion in pork. The Dems dumped 9 billion of the pork. Get it.

Sure would be nice if once - just once - a rightie provided anything specific. Yes a Senate Dem (although he can't realistically be described as anything but a centrist) was a sponsor of the Amgen giveaway. The other Senate sponsor? Care to guess? That would be the senior Senator from the great state of Utah, Mr. Orrin Hatch. Care for more? Your turn, Rabbit.

NH needs more like Kelly

Hopefully NH won't be wiped out by Nemo and need help from the Feds causes Ayotte will vote have to vote against it to be consistant. Actually the biggest pork barrel of all is the tax breaks given to Ayottes's big donors.

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