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Letter: Gun shop, gun range under seige

Classic Armorer in Weare has been under siege by a neighbor, Alan Provost, who wants to shut down the gun shop. The Weare Zoning Board granted him an appeal hearing March 5. I am shocked at what was allowed to be heard at this hearing.

This was supposed to be a hearing on the zoning for Classic Armorer; this should not have been heard since the statute of limitations on this was 30 days after we opened, 4½ years ago.

The appeal turned into “bash the Stevenses’ ability to enjoy our Second Amendment rights.” There is no noise ordinance in Weare. These people need to be reminded that we are fully within our rights to use our shooting range. We are able to shoot from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. We have been very respectful and never shoot early in the morning or in the evening.

Our range and our shop have never had any incidents and are insured separately from our home. By giving this dispute an audience, the town has detrimentally influenced the board and public opinion regarding our business.

If you do not want your neighbor to take away your business, support ours. Write a letter to the Weare Zoning Board, 15 Flanders Memorial Roard, Weare 03281.



(The writer is co-owner of Classic Armorer.)

Legacy Comments3

I hope you win. I bet you guys have been there longer than Mr. Provost has. I bet he was aware of your shop when he moved there. It's a scene that's sadly playing out all across northern New England as flatlander anti-gun folks retreat from our major cities only to realize that we have a very different way of life up here - and they don't like it as much as they thought they would.

Mr. Stevens, you are absolutely correct and within your rights. Mr. Provost, no doubt a bleeding heart liberal, like most progressive types wants to take away your rights. Not surprising for Weare, as it is known as a liberal bastion.

OK itsa . . . I've taught in Weare for seven years. We're in complete agreement regarding our support of the letter write, but for you to claim that Weare is a "bastion of liberalism" is ludicrous. Weare is exactly the opposite. You obviously have not spent much time in Weare.

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