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Letter: Slow it down!

Re the 70 mph speed limit proposal: Unreal – don’t our lawmakers have better issues to work on? Idiots already drive like they’re at New Hampshire Motor Speedway! Everybody has to be there yesterday! The road rage is unbelievable. I drive 55, and people fly by me like I’m sitting still.

What gets me is the gas they waste. At close to $4 per gallon, you’d think they would leave a little earlier and just back off the pedal. The speed limit on Interstate 93 is 55 mph from the East Concord exit until you get through the business district area of Concord, but no one does it! State troopers need to nail more lead footers, period!



Legacy Comments2

Everyone chooses where to live and we accept the taxes though our town meetings. If the majority of voters decide to build that new school which may or may not be necessary, you vote but if the majority wins, you pay the tax. New Castle has a very small school and not a lot of children. You want to penalize people based on their accomplishments, that is un-American.

Yes, "our lawmakers have better issues to work on". Total education tax rate in Canterbury $16.25. Total education tax rate in Claremont $18.46. Total education tax rate in New Castle $3.11 (the highest per capita income town in NH). The State House might be the best place for the casino - put all the idiots under one dome.

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