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Letter: A burden on small business

The federal government continues to try to place heavy burdens on small business owners. Once again, Congress is trying to pass an internet sales tax to help make it “fair” among all competitors. As a small internet business owner, I believe it is unfair to saddle small companies with additional burdensome regulations and unwise to believe new internet sales tax collection will have no impact on small online retailers.

New internet sales tax mandates will undermine innovation by changing the rules on those small businesses and entrepreneurs who have been fueling the internet economy. The Marketplace Fairness Act is just another step to move corporate America ahead.

I strongly urge Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen to stand firm against the internet sales tax and continue with the current laws that allow retailers to collect sales tax only when it has a physical presence in the consumer’s state. Join me today and contact our senators and let them know that small business America does not need another burden.



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businesses dont pay TAXES - the consumers of their products pay the taxes - YOU and ME

This letter is wrong on the facts. Under the proposed bill, businesses with less than $1 million annual volume do not have to collect tax. So small businesses are not, in fact, affected. If you were picturing some eBay seller having to calculate dozens of tax rates from his garage, well, that is not what is in the bill. Furthermore, this whole "physical presence" language is completely outmoded--it predates the Internet. It needs to be thrown out. Companies whose "competitive edge" is based on tax avoidance should not continue to be subsidized by the states, and honest competitors who pay their fair share to fund our schools and other institutions should not be victimized by these Internet parasites.

Did it ever occur to you gracchus why Amazon and Walmart are for this? They are the ones who have killed small business. They have their own shipping facilities etc. They kill small business by volume, and offering lower prices. THey also get tax breaks. This Fairness Bill will hurt small business the most. It is a tax plain and simple, that tax will be passed on to the consumer, making small business with small inventory have to charge even more. WalMart & Amazon are big and want to become even bigger. In the process, they can handle any mandates etc, small business cannot. This is a plus for Big Business and a loss for small. And it will also prevent folks from starting up small business.

You seem to have a little business (class) warfare going on here. You are OK with big business (rich) paying more in taxes but do not want small businesses (not-rich) to pay any tax. Why should big business be required to pay more so the small businesses pay less. Internet sales companies are just another business, no more no less. They will still have lower prices even with a tax as they don't have the inventory or buildings to cover. The big business has deductions it can take for operating expenses and the small business gets the same deductions, it's business. Does that internet company use roads to get it's products delivered, fire, police, etc... it all has to be paid for.

WalMart and Amazon will benefit from this. They can handle the extra expense to track sales, etc. Amazon is opening new distribution centers in states that will deliver same day. They have gotten tax deals for opening those distribution centers. This is another way for them to get rid of the competition. It is simple, why do you think main street business is dying? Small inventory and higher prices to make a profit. Folks go to WalMart because they are cheaper based on the volume they sell. This will kill small business on the Internet and give the advantage to big chains. And will reduce incentive for startups.

My stance has nothing to do with anything but leveling the playing field. A term Libs are always putting out there. Any business with a small inventory is at a disadvantage. Look at Main Street here. Do I go into Joe Kings and pay 80 bucks for school shoes or do I go to Loudon Road based on my income. The left is always crying buy locally, kill Big Box Retailers, yet this Internet Deal will kill small business. Making it harder for small business on any level is a win for the Walmarts and Amazons. They can absorb the cost, open distribution centers that ship same day, and kill their competitors.

Jenn, I'm sorry to burst your victimhood balloon; but you are the one who is being unfair. You do business in other states, competing - unfairly I would claim - against local businesses who have a built-in cost structure that you do not. It's bad enough that cyber entities can undercut prices by not having a "bricks and mortar" storefront with all the costs that entails, and (in most cases although I can't speak to your specifics) fewer employees providing customer service. For you to complain that you can't have a sales tax advantage as well is simply outrageous.

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