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Letter: The New Hampshire way

Gov. Maggie Hassan was transparent but underhanded when she proposed a budget that depended on revenue from a casino before it was authorized and an agreement made with a developer who is willing to build and run it.

The establishment of a casino would be consistent with the way we do things in New Hampshire, which is to get others, including the disadvantaged, to pay for as many of our government services as possible.

We position our state liquor stores in places designed to attract the maximum number of out-of-state customers seeking to avoid paying taxes to their own state. We shield the income of high-income, politically powerful citizens by not having an income tax, and we shift the tax burden to homeowners, forcing some from their homes due to excessive property taxes.

As for the lottery, the well-to-do don’t spend much on lottery tickets.

But if you’re in debt with bill collectors after you all the time, then the $20 you spend on the lottery isn’t so much a chance to be a big winner as it is a last gasp attempt at economic survival. Winning turns off the bill collectors. Of course, that seldom happens; usually the ticket buyer is just another $20 further behind in paying his or her debts. A casino is designed to be even more tempting to those who can’t afford to gamble in the first place.

Is this who we are?



Legacy Comments1

The New Hampshire way, which was, until folks came flooding into the state from elsewhere, rugged individualism, hard work, frugality, taking care of your neighbor and helping folks who could not help themselves. It was the Yankee way. Period. I read so many progressives here in this forum complain about the "Free Staters" but are they not doing what progressives did? I think so. Progressives came into the state bringing their ideas and ideals and they changed (ruined) the uniqueness and quality of life in New Hampshire. Fleeing the messes that they helped to created elsewhere, they brought the same behaviors here and repeated history and the same mistakes. The result is our fiscal mess that we are in today.

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