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Letter: The fix was in

I attended the hearing on the renewable energy moratorium bill, SB 99, on March 20. The hearing was a sham. Lobbyists for PSNH sat smugly in the first row with their arms folded and never testified as dozens of citizens poured out their hearts and testimony. The lobbyists didn’t need to testify; they were in control. The committee closed the hearing, discarded all testimony, written or otherwise. A senator presented an amendment that excluded Northern Pass from the moratorium, and the bill was passed. It was obvious that the fix was in.

There is a rising chorus of citizens up here speculating that the only reason the bill was amended was to obtain campaign contributions.

The common perception is the Senate is owned outright by Northeast Utilities and PSNH.

Public Service is trampling, with the help of our Legislature, on our citizens’ constitutional right to property, for the promotion of a power line that is classified as “elective.” It is not necessary, according to the ISO, which controls the New England power grid. This is a project motivated by profit only. It destroys the scenic beauty and economic viability of our tourist-based economy in the North Country. It delivers practically no electricity to the citizens of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a net power producer, yet we have the sixth-highest electric rates in the country. Senators, if you want to improve the lives of our citizens, then fix that problem first.



Legacy Comments6

ISO New England, which manages the New England Power Grid, has designated Northern Pass as an elective project. This means that they have factored in projected energy needs for at least the next decade and determined that this project is not needed to keep the lights on. In addition, electricity usage has been declining overall for the past decade and is projected to continue falling. Claims that NH or NE needs more power are inflated, to say the least. While the grid is complex with online/offline and peak usage issues, ISO New England is a professional manager of the grid. One would think they know what they are doing. Those who wish to shape public opinion regarding Norhtern Pass have used all kinds of arguments -- tax benefits, jobs, lower rates, and now fear of power shortages. None of these arguments can change the fact that Northern Pass is an elective, for-profit sale of a commodity between two very large corporations. Northern Pass is not a public utility and has not applied for this status so far as I know. It is strictly a private business deal. NP is about money, not electricity.

LOL...I'm actually perfectly fine with burning coal for NH electrical needs. Or gas, or oil, or trash, or nuclear power. NP seems like a better way to CO2, no fumes, no ash. You know coal and nuclear are on borrowed time. Can't put a windmill anywhere...cant put a powerline anywhere. Sure as heck are not going to put a new hydro dam anywhere. Whatever.

I don't like windmills and I don't like power lines and land taken by eminent domain, nature ruined, etc. However, they nuclear subs have had decades of use without incident, it seems we could build smaller versions and more of them, shielded many times over so that radiation can't leak. Of course people are worrying about globull warming and they don't want to use natural gas or as has been revealed lately, our greater than the middle east resource of oil. It is a dilemma.

Oh jeez...I forgot point 2. Didn't our elected leaders create the problem of our high electrical rates in the first place???

democrats also created the highest health Ins rates in the country.

"New Hampshire is a net power producer, yet we have the sixth-highest electric rates in the country. Senators, if you want to improve the lives of our citizens, then fix that problem first. " 2 points. NH might on paper produce more electricity than we consume as a state, but I think (actually I know) most people dont realize that power plants are complex, and do require maintenance. Sometimes, it's unexpected, things break, wear out, sometimes human error is the problem. Then there are the planned shutdowns. Paul has it all figured out apparently. We produce more power, on paper, than we consume. Therefore, we dont need anymore. Very shortsighted...very.

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