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Letter: Back to Massachusetts, please

To all you whining yuppies who are against the Northern Pass, did you ever stop and think that all the power being transmitted by water power from Canada to Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, etc., is saving millions of tons of acid rain from ending up in New Hampshire? That is a lot more important than a transmission line.

You’re the same group that wants to save the Sewalls Falls bridge, which any engineer will tell you is a piece of junk. You’re also the same group of people who wanted to tear down the Kimball School and several other houses to put up a multi-million-dollar school.

Why don’t you people take all your crazy ideas and go back to Massachusetts where you belong? We don’t want you up here. You messed up that state, and now you’re ruining our state.



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I agree.

I’m not a yuppie, not from Mass. and don’t think the Sewall’s Falls Bridge is needed. I’m not against Canadian water power coming down here either. However I am against having a private company use state land when the local public does not want it. I’m also against allowing a private company, for their private profit, to take private land by eminent domain. I’m also against having land/homeowners lose value in their property by the installation of 130 foot high towers. Let’s remember that a normal building has rooms about 8ft high with a couple feet between floors, that’s about 10ft per floor in height. These towers are ~~ 13 stories high, how many buildings in Concord are 13 stores high. If you owned the home/land near these 13 story towers would you be concerned about the ability to sell in the future. Bring on the power, just bury the lines along the roadway. There are underground pipe lines that run to Canada, the aftermath is a 40 yard strip of woods cut that you only see when looking straight along the pipeline. It is not that it can’t be done, it is not that they won’t still make a profit, it is just they will not make as much profit. Northern Pass has made it clear they care nothing about NH, bottom line profit is it. Therefore I do not care if they make one dime profit.

, CT or N Y. Only the companies that are supporting it. Come north for a free tour and get the REAL FACTS and on the ground reality check about what is going on. Rick S

I agree, they should all return to Massachusetts and New York, they have basically brought their terrible spending and social habits here and have ruined this state. However, we DON'T need Northern Pass either.

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