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Letter: ‘Monitor’ made a tough situation worse

Re “MV students arrested at dance” (Monitor front page, March 23):

It is unfortunate that the Monitor thinks a story like this is doing any public service. You are making a poor example of a small situation and deterring a group of girls who work hard to do their best at a very difficult time in all of their lives. It is just another reason why no one in the surrounding area respects the Concord Monitor or its reporters. I hope that what you do is worth it to you because you have made what is already a tough situation in young lives even more difficult.



(The writer is the mother of one of the students involved.)

Legacy Comments4

Tillie and Rabbit, I agree with both of you on this one. This parent has defended her child and is teaching her to become a future problem. We don't always get away with underage crimes and this one could lead to her daughter getting seriously hut, killed or in a lawsuit from which she could never recover. Maybe Mom should think about her bad parenting skills and what she's done for harm in defending this illegal act like its a hand slap offense.

I think that this letter is misplaced anger at the Monitor. This was not a fictional event, it happened in real time and the Monitor was there. It does, however speak to parenting and the freedom that parents entrust to their children. In this case it was a "fail".

Working hard at a very difficult time in their lives. I kind of thought the teenage years were great. At least mine were. It is being an adult that is difficult. This is the second mother that has defended her kid. The message here is that if a kid gets caught doing something wrong or illegal the parent will defend the kid. And we wonder why we have so many screwed up young people these days.

Wow lady, you have a tough road ahead of you with an attitude like that. Your daughter is breaking the law and sitting in a car with keys in it getting drunk and you say it is a "small situation." Hopefully your daughter or some other person doesn't have to pay the penalty for your lack of parenting.

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