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Letter: Concord should pass IB resolution

To the Concord City Council: Recently three towns in the Merrimack Valley School District passed resolutions at town meeting requesting that MV publish a full accounting of the costs and sources of revenue for the International Baccalaureate program in the MV annual report. This was done because the towns are hit with increasing school costs every year, and the IB program’s costs and sources of revenue are never published in the report and therefore difficult to establish.

One problem is that while the grant is one source of revenue, it only pays for one teacher/mentor and fees for consulting and membership fees to the IB organization. There is no specified accounting for the teachers’ class hours or the supplies used for the program.

The IB program has been largely funded with grants through the state Department of Education and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That money is stimulus money and will dry up, leaving the cost to the towns, including Penacook.

IB has proven costly, with the ARRA grant for 2013-14 at $170,454. One estimate has the total cost of IB approaching $1 million for the five years since its introduction, and the program is expanding. Furthermore, IB is largely discretionary spending.

Since Penacook is part of the Merrimack Valley School District, and the tax rate in Penacook is already $3.15 higher than in Concord, due entirely to school costs, I urge you to pass a resolution similar to the resolution passed in Boscawen, Salisbury and Loudon. It is a simple request for a complete accounting of the costs and sources of revenue for the IB program, nothing more.



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what do they have to hide from...I recommend a full scale investigation

Support the I.B. program. A big problem we have today in America is that we forget that there is a big world out there. Our future high performing students need to know and understand this. I was an exchange student in high school and it opened my eyes. If we are going to compete in the Global Economy we need young people who understand Globalization and international studies. To lock our children in classes and propagandize them into the Right wing Doctrine that "America is the best!" undercuts their ability to understand and see the world economy. Also preventing their ability to jump into the shark tank and keep America at top shark status. So don't let some dumb dirt road hick tell you what the I.B. Program is all about. They are the same people who see UN Helicopters over Boscawen. ~ NHD

"...propagandize them into the Right wing Doctrine that "America is the best!" ????? You mean we're not? What county is the best? And why? Be specific.

You heard it hear first . . . three months into Obama's second term, G-Dub says "WE'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AMERICA!" U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!! U-S-A!!!

I disagree NHD. I find it quite astounding that the folks who support IB, never talk about the cost, schools that have dump it because of test scores being lowered by 30%, and the fact that many colleges do not acept IB credits which leads to students not getting into their colleges of choice. That is always left out in the debate in favor of the idealogy of global awareness. Teaching about the world is a huge task. Especially when our students have no clue about the country they live in and how it works. If you cannot get our kids up to snuff in math. science, reading, etc, then how the heck do you expect them to become critical thinkers? IB is a fad like new math, getting our kids to write without spelling and basics, etc. A very costly experiment.

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