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Letter: O’Brien for Congress? That’s a laugh

Bill O’Brien for Congress? Puh-leeze! What makes anyone (besides O’Brien) think he’s even remotely qualified to represent us in Washington? During his stint in the New Hampshire House he managed to bully and coerce enough representatives to pass numerous absurd and/or injurious bills while fomenting enough ill will and questionable ethics to last a lifetime.

We’ve become the laughing stock of the country due to Bill-O the Clown and his political antics. I doubt there are enough clueless people outside his tiny sphere of influence to ever make him a serious contender, but, then again, I think back to former governor Craig Benson and realize the inmates seem to be in charge of the asylum at times. I believe it’s high time for O’Brien and his Tea Party emigrees to return to their home states and leave us alone. Oh, for the days of tar and feathers!



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I see. So it seems that the far left only has a problem with conservatives from other states, but if you are far left and move to this state and run for office, its perfectly acceptable. So, its not place of birth that upsets you, it's ideology. If the left had their way, no conservative would be allowed to move to NH. If you want proof, look at how the left opposes the FSP.

GWTW, Take note; Just because he is friend and swooned over by a few , doe's not mean the rest of the state has a love affair with the little Corp --,,er-- ,,Ahh--- Guy. He did enough damage to our state. It is time for him to claim his *footnote in New Hampshire history and move on. If he moved back to Massachusetts whence he came maybe he could peddle his Horse-Hockey there? Or maybe someplace like,,, Oh I don't know,,,,, Mississippi? Alabama? The Smirk work's there too you know! So do dried up Tea-Bags. Just add Old Crow !


Personally I would love it if he ran. It would be ever so entertaining! I'd even vote for O'Brien (only in the primary of course so I could vote against him in the general). Most people in the state don't even know who he is. It's time to shed some light on his record. I can tell you'all one thing: he's not going to bully Annie Kuster or Ray Buckley.

Can you imagine what the democrats would be saying about the republicans if republicans had left the financial mess democrats left for them in 2010? Both you and the letter writer need to be reminded of the facts. It was no laughing matter how the democrats left NH finances (there's your Laughing Stock Ron), and Obriens "record" was one of a responsible budget, with realistic revenue projections, despite being left a real mess. Yes, by all means, lets shed some light on the record.

Sure, GWTW. All O'Brien and his chronies did was hand down a lot of new financial responsibilities to local goverments to try and figure out how to fund. Thats not "responsible", as you term it. I don't think either party walks on water. The problem we have in this country is that too many people do. Billy O ought to go back to Massachusetts and crawl back under what ever rock he called home.

Then using your logic, Norelli ought "to go back to New Jersey and crawl back under what ever rock she called home." All she and her "chronies" (lol) have done was hand down a lot of new financial responsibilities to local goverments to try and figure out how to fund. And they didnt start with $500 million in the hole.

He did such a great job, his party lost overwhelming and he barely held onto his own seat. He was so obsessed with himself that he never gave his party a thought and never even tried to compromise with Dems or other Reps who didn't agree with him so that maybe his party would have had a chance to hold onto the majority. He is an idealogue not a consensus builder.

"his party lost overwhelming" but not as overwhelmingly as the democrats did in 2010. And they dont learn. The budget looks to be even more stupid than their last one.

Not if you were running for trashman, William O.

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