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Letter: New London chief should have been charged

With the release of new and various allegations against former New London police chief David Seastrand, it seems probable that last month’s event was not the first.

It was shameful enough of the state to let Seastrand retire without any legal action, because of the accusations of one woman, with the specious explanation that she was an underage drinker and had lied about her identity – as if this can excuse the lack of criminal charges being drawn up against him.

True, it was one person’s word against the other, after all, and I presume he was counting on that. Yet the station’s videotapes must have been somewhat unfriendly to him.

The state should have been ready to pursue charges in any event. There never should have been a deal to allow Seastrand to retire. The claims of one woman are very serious in themselves and sufficient – all the more so because he was the chief of police.

The matter was going to be left off almost as if nothing happened. But those in authority should, if anything, be held to a higher standard.

What is the public to believe when those over us allegedly commit heinous offenses which are seemingly dismissed as possible innuendo and are allowed to retire with full benefits and pension? It warrants an investigation, not a deal. And although many may think differently today, the violation of someone’s person is heinous.

The new allegations, though not welcome, will be accepted insofar as they will awaken the state and perhaps bring an abuser to justice.


New London

Legacy Comments1

The democrats ran on a platform of "War on Women". Well, here it is. Young single woman, older man in power (Sound familiar to anyone?) and what happens? Someone should ask Maggie how her AG office handles this sort of thing.

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