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Letter: Casino means jobs

As the New Hampshire House considers SB 152, the bill to bring casino gaming to New Hampshire, it’s important to reflect upon exactly what is at stake. The bottom line is this bill is the only proposal before the Legislature that will create a significant number of private-sector jobs. Virtually every single candidate for the House, Senate, or any other office ran on a promise to create jobs and improve our economy. This is their chance to follow through on that promise. Let’s get it done and put Granite Staters back to work.

The New Hampshire construction industry has yet to recover from the economic collapse of 2009. Construction suffered a 30 percent employment drop and has recovered little over the last four years. We desperately need major privately funded construction projects if we’re to get New Hampshire’s economy back on track.

If we pass SB 152, the casino licensee will be required to make a capital investment of no less than $425 million.

That’s a massive construction project that will create more than 2,000 good-paying jobs with benefits.

Additionally, this legislation will bring in significant annual revenue expressly designated for road and bridge construction. That means more jobs and an opportunity to repair and redevelop New Hampshire’s infrastructure.

This bill will bring incredible opportunity for working men and women in our state. Our elected representatives campaigned on job creation, and it’s time for them to live up to their campaign promises. It’s time for them to stand up for New Hampshire’s working families and pass SB 152.



(The writer is president of the New Hampshire Building and Construction Trades Council.)

Legacy Comments1

CASINO QUESTIONS How many fingers, (fist-fuls is more like it) will be in the cite planning and final come to rest location of the structure? How many pieces of private land will be needed to satisfy the all of the demands : more hotels , motels , parking spaces, restaurants? Who is buying up ( needed or not ) the not so attractive land which could be used for future horse racing ? How many “ma & pa” stores will be pushed to the deep ? The biggest problems will come when construction is up for bids. Not so much for the dollar costs but will bids be limited to NH contractors and employees. Will building materials be purchased in NH? Will the NH Dept. of Labor be visible? Will there be any effort directed by NH and more important, Veteran groups, to hire at the top of the list those who offered their lives for you and me for the last 20 years or more. Veterans make excellent security guards. I know of 18 vets that would fall into that category and other jobs like local policing etc. There is no need to hire any more NH troopers no matter what you have been told.

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