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Letter: On Northern Pass project, lawmakers aren’t listening

I have opposed the Northern Pass since it was announced more than two years ago. I have attended many meetings at the State House. A lot of time was wasted.

On some occasions the lobbyists outnumbered the senators holding the hearing. New Hampshire has 400 state representatives, 24 state senators, two U.S. senators, two U.S. congresswomen, five executive councilors and 30 county commissioners – yet they can’t come up with the correct wording to get a bill passed to put a one-year moratorium on the Northern Pass.

Every bill that goes before the Senate or the House seems to get voted down. How loud do we have to shout for the Legislature to hear us: No Northern Pass.

This is a merchant-funded for-profit transmission line that will make Northeast Utilities stockholders rich, not to mention NStar and PSNH.

Why aren’t legislators pursuing burying the Northern Pass along state-owned rights of way? What could New Hampshire do with upwards of $70 million for the use of its rights of way?

I was never into politics before the Northern Pass emerged. I got quite an education in the past two years.

There is an old saying: Behind the downfall of every big business, great country or person is poor management and poor leadership. Enough said.



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I'm tired of hearing everyone cry about this. Build it and move on. If you have land the companies want, lease, sale...whatever and get your money. If you don't the next guy will. It's amazing at how many people think they can stop it by holding out. It's gonna get built, like it or not so get used to it. I get tired of hearing people say it is going to ruin the beauty of NH when in my opinion we need more commercial businesses here in this state. NH has to be the most stuck up and boring state in the country.

Build Northern Pass NOW !!!!! American needs cheap reliable abundant power to survive...This is a National Security issue and the NIMBY's need to buck up for America

gdn1 - one of the biggest complaints is that a private business came in saying they would try to take land by eminent domain. Those not-in-my-backyard are concerned because it is their backyard and they will have their property values drop. Seems the people are not complaining if the lines are buried, just 130 foot high towers for a private company's extra profits. Just curious, would you object if the 130 foot towers went across your house??? I suspect you will say NO because it is not going to happen in your yard. Some say the values could drop by 30%, would you sign a legal document that when you sell your home you will give back 30% of the value to a fund to help these other people? As MWO said, just bury the lines. NP gets to sell the power, people are put to work and everybody wins. But it is really just about a company making a few "extra" dollars and it is not-in-their-back-yard either.

Thats fine by me, as long as it gets built.

Doing business isn't about who might have more votes than someone else. Resisting business interests isn't that simple. From the start of this there has been a certain group of people who have said "no" and nothing else. You seem to be part of this group, those who don't listen, or think their opinions enmass can overrule the piwer of law. Nothing makes people like you happy. You want job growth then say "no" when some good ones are proposed. Together our society uses more and more electricity every year, yet no matter what is proposed to increase power supply your not-in-my-backyard mentality is opposed. Then the lies begin, like how a powerline will decrease tourism. Sure it will. Then comes the argument that the power isn't even for us in NH. This is when people like you demonstrate your ignorance of the laws most of all. Our parents learned a lot about sacrifice and working together during WW2. They tried to teach us what they knew, but it seems to have missed the mark with far too many selfish people here in NH, and the whole country, in too many ways too often. No, not in my town, not in my backyard. This isn't about a Walmart, it's about the needs of a society. Maybe you think finishing Unit 2 at Seabrook is a better idea? Hydroelectric from Canada remains one of or best choices for more juice. When the project initially began, the idea was that enough power could be generated to supply North America. As a NH native and life long resident, I say step aside and get out of the way. Build the Northern Pass, lets put some people to work.

gdn1, Northern Pass continues to cite the need for it's project due to the over-reliance on natural gas. It's not the project itself people are against, it's the proposed method. so how about this: Put people to work burying the lines in the NH transportation corridors, that would be a win-win for the people AND the State.

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