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Letter: Ludicrous actions

Re “3 reps file petition to remove 189” (Monitor front page, April 13):

These state representatives may not like the potential reversal by House Bill 135 of the “stand your ground” law passed by the previous Legislature, but the democratic process allows legislative bodies to reverse laws.

Petitioners are not the deciders that reversal negates people’s constitutional rights or that representatives who voted for HB 135 “breached the public trust” or violated their oaths of office. Jack Kimball, the former Republican Party chairman, wants them removed from office, saying, “We the people have had enough!” Courts are the deciders, not Kimball and cohorts.

Indeed, many of “we the people” have had enough of Kimball and company and their ludicrous actions, and don’t support “stand your ground.” I’m one. These men, not liking the way the ball game is being played, want to take the ball and go home, thus ending the game.



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the perfect solution....every other year we have the opposite party control the legislature so they can undo the legislation of the other party....that way we can stop the obscene growth of BIG Govt

Even the Union Leader has had enough of Itse and Kimball. Courts are the 'deciders' not the citizens, otherwise we would have 320 million "deciders" and you can't run a country that way.

We the people are the deciders not courts that is why we have redress maybe you should read the constitution before you wipe your back side with it. Kimball is actually right if you follow the constitution those lawmakers had no right taking away a part of a constitutional right. Now I know libtards and country club republicans would love for you to believe they are above reproach but they are not. To bad if you don't like "stand your ground" (Must be a B&E guy) that does not give you the right to restrict my rights to self defense. But because you think the world revolves around you what do you care about infringing on other peoples rights, right? You are certainly not a patriot and maybe you should not be quoting "We the People" until you understand what that really means.

No, Kimball is not right. He is simply trying to undo the last election, where his folks took a major licking. Furthermore, your understanding of the Constitution is deeply flawed - the legislature cannot overwrite a constitutional provision. So if repealing "stand your ground" offends the Constitution, the courts will correct that. My guess is that you know that you do not have a constitutional right to shoot first, so you want the legislature to provide you with such a right.

It's a good thing that the Constitution protects one right to be, shall we be kind and say less than intelligent. One little gem I found while do some general research was an article in Huffington Post that I thought shed some light on the paranoid gun rights folks. - ".. America's five most violent states, for example - South Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Louisiana, and Florida -- have no laws to require a Brady criminal background check for every gun sale, no laws to combat illegal gun trafficking effectively, and no laws to restrict access to military-style assault weapons...." So it seems that the claim that more guns equals less violence is just so much ........

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