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Letter: May justice be served

Proud. As I stood at the entrance of the Boston Public Garden Monday, holding my 10-month-old daughter smiling at my husband, I felt extremely proud of what he just had accomplished. About an hour before the explosion the atmosphere was incredible: so many elated runners and family members soaking an experience of a lifetime.

Because it was such beautiful day, we took our time walking around the garden before getting on the Green Line to head back to my brother’s apartment in Medford, Mass. Still on a high from the race and the contagious atmosphere that filled the city, we turned on the television eager to see the race highlights, only to be blinded by the horror of what had happened in our short ride out of the city. It had only been a short time since the explosion, so the information was raw and confused.

My husband and I wanted nothing more than to get home to our quite house in our quite neighborhood as soon as possible. As we drove home, listening to news updates on the radio, seeing the vast amount of emergency vehicle heading south, all we could do was pray. As the people affected much more deeply than my family recover these next days, weeks and months, try to remember to pray for them. Also remember to be proud: of the emergency workers who so heroically took action, of the race and its history and of Boston and all she stands for as a city. May justice be served.

Pray and be proud, for Boston and our county.



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All I know is there should be no question about the "Star Spangled Banner" after the Bruins game. It doesn't matter how it is sung but how it make us feel.

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