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Letter: Out of touch

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: You are out of touch with your constituents. On April 17 you voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks on people purchasing guns. Ninety-one percent of New Hampshire residents in a recent poll disagree with you. So, the question becomes, who do you really represent: the National Rifle Association or the state of New Hampshire? Your vote on Wednesday told us your answer. You have lost my vote come time for your re-election.



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Since we have an over abundance of Constitutional Law experts commenting here, I have three questions that need answering. But first here is the Second Amendment - As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State: " A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." 1) Where exactly are registration or background checks exempted? 2) Where exactly are large capacity magazines protected? 3) Further more just where is it written that The Neanderthal Rifle Association is the official enforcer of what is just one of our Amendments. The Second Amendment is not the foundation our country was built on. Our Constitution was ratified in 1787 without the 2nd Amendment or any for that matter. These were not added until 1791, and then it was only on of 10. So let's get our history straight by all means.

a simple tip toe through the archives of Court cases old and new will give you the answers that you will hate to read

91% of the NH population want a law that places more restrictions on the law abiding. I dont buy it. If 100% of the NH population wanted a law that violated the constitution, a senator is to vote in favor? How utterly stupid. A senator has one duty ..uphold the constitution. Period. Like I said before, no one in the country even thinks Obama and the democrats should be working on gun legislation. JOBS...ECONOMY...DEBT...Thats what Americans want the president and the democrats to work on. So as the letter writer asks, so will I ...Obama and the democrarts..who do YOU represent?

Au contraire. She made the right vote because she realizes most of her constituents have common sense and New Hampshire values and she represents more than just the far left. Her grasp of reality was demonstrated - law-abiding citizen with a weapon is not the problem - assailants, rapists, and murderers are - and this bill would have done the nothing to address them. Attempting to criminalize the law-abiding is not helpful.Now that the political theater is over-let’s get back to the root of the problem like the programming of our youth with violent video games and movies. As Boston demonstrates, law-abiding citizens with weapons are not the problem the violent criminal mind is. (no guns were used.).

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