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Letter: Let’s renew our pledge of allegiance

Because of what happened on Patriots Day in Boston, every rabbi, priest, minister, professor and teacher should be using the platform entrusted to them to motivate people to wake up, stand up and stir up passions and principles that make America the best that has ever been.

Things which matter most: the reality of responsibility; the reality of Good and Evil; the reality of accountability and hard work; the reality of manageable, measurable, meaningful goals; the reality that this country was indeed founded on Judaic Christian principles, despite what President Obama says.

Patrick Henry said: “It cannot be emphasized too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Don’t tell me all religions are the same; don’t tell me what you believe doesn’t make a difference; don’t tell me ethics are subjective and that there are no absolutes; don’t tell me the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools is an option that students may choose or not choose to recite; don’t tell me the founders of our country didn’t believe in God; don’t tell me religion is a compulsion neurosis a la Freud; don’t tell me that values and goals, which provided a unifying center for previous centuries, are no longer cogent, coherent and consistent.

We live in a time of opportunity to regroup, respond and renew our vows to be citizens who pledge allegiance to these United States of America, not just with words, but with our lives, with our walk and with our minds – debating and defeating those wimpy-willed individuals who feel they are free to live by any standards they choose.



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I'm all for going back to the original pledge without the words "under god" in it....

That link should read: ===

Patrick Henry never said that or anything like it. That line was written in an article about Patrick Henry, and that opinion is from that author. Links generally don't get posted here, but just Google it. John Jay is generally considered the only committed Christian among the founding fathers. Proof of this -- from the Treaty of Tripoli to large collections of quotes online -- is very easily found. I'll try a link: You go your way, Dr, MacVITTIE. Please do not tell me what I can or cannot mention to you.

Oh yes, ALL U.S. Christians are model, loving citizens. How about the KKK, Aryan Nation, Westboro Baptist Church etc. These groups are extremist fringe groups, much like the Muslims of 911.

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