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Letter: Ayotte’s vote should propel her out of office

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Thank you for voting against gun safety. If it was truly a freely made decision, I respect your ability to make a choice.

I hope your vote will propel you out of office. I hope your decision, along with those of the senators who voted alongside you, becomes a stimulant for even stronger legislation that protects citizens from unnecessary military-style weapons and clips while continuing to honor the Second Amendment.

Owning a gun is far different from owning and using weapons meant for military action that can kill 26 people in less than five minutes, that can severely injure elected officials, that can kill innocent schoolchildren, that law enforcement consider dangerous.

I pray that your vote will open people’s eyes to the reality that owning guns and public safety are not mutually exclusive – just like our freedom of speech is limited with respect to inciting a riot. Limits are okay; killing is not.

The next time children, elected officials and innocent citizens are killed by such weapons, I ask that you feel the anguish that their families feel. Mental illness might play a role in one’s actions, but access to such weapons gives such folks an ability to carry out actions they may not otherwise be able to. The shame is on you and your colleagues.



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The guy in the WH stated 90% - i could say the moon is made of green cheese with the same strength of evidence.

liberals give a free pass to documenting illegal aliens yet want to register every law abiding citizen....hmmmmmm

More than 86% of the country WANTED this bill or a stronger one, are there really that many "liberals" in the US today?

Rubio is no liberal

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