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Letter: I stand with Ayotte

On Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, voted on the side of liberty and the U.S. Constitution. She also voted on the side of common sense. As the former attorney general of New Hampshire, she understands that expanded measures for gun control only heighten the restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. Criminals and deranged individuals who want to harm others would not be thwarted from their efforts to hurt the innocent.

She knows that only comprehensive approaches that target the heart of the violence our country has faced over the last year will solve our problems. Ayotte supported the “Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act,” which would have strengthened the existing background check system, improved school safety, and increased criminal penalties for violating our gun laws on the books.

She also recognizes that a common denominator in each of the instances of violence is the perpetrator’s mental health. To that end, Ayotte introduced two bipartisan bills to strengthen mental health at the community level.

I stand with Ayotte, and I am proud that we have her representing us in Washington. I’m proud we have at least one senator who does not toe the party line, supports our constitutional rights and is willing to openly discuss and consider comprehensive approaches that might actually prevent another Newtown or Aurora tragedy.



(The writer is a retired police chief.)

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Tille, The amendment was filled with sub-surface traps that the writers wanted to be non-obvious. for example, if you borrowed a neighbor's hunting rifle -w/o a background check - it would a felony. Just a start. In addition to lying to the public about the bill - wit would nothing to stop violence. Criminals and the criminally insane did obey the last law - wouldn't this law and won't the next law. This only thing such bills effectively do is criminalize the law-abiding.

The Toomey Manchin amendment would not have had any affect on law abiding gun owners, zip, zero... None.

Hmmm...Knows all about the Toomey Manchin amendment . Does not know the difference between affect/effect. Btw, you're wrong.

Hmmm...so you have never used the wrong word, Gone. I will be watching for that.

Not those two. Pet peeve of mine.

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