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Letter: Math lesson for Ayotte

I think Sen. Kelly Ayotte forgot how democracy works and her part in it. Let me help set her straight.

In a democracy the majority wins. The total universe is 100 percent – try to stay with me on this, Kelly. A majority would be 51 percent. Okay?

That means 49 percent and less is not a majority. It’s simple math, I’m sure you can understand it.

Okay, your part in a democracy. The citizens elected you to represent the majority of the citizens of the state. Nor the few of us, not those of us whom you like, not those with whom you agree. The majority.

Eighty-eight percent of the people in New Hampshire support expanded background checks.

If you refer to the first paragraph, you’ll note that 88 is more than 50, so a majority of the citizens here support expanded gun registration. In fact, that could be called a vast majority.

That means you fail as a representative of New Hampshire. You did not support the majority of New Hampshire citizens. Of course, you do succeed as a supporter of the NRA, since clearly it doesn’t care about majorities either. So when you sit on down with your NRA buddies and they tell you that they’ll support you in the next election – because they have been very clear about that – please try to be ashamed of yourself. If you can’t muster that up, not to worry; I’m ashamed of you.



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We dont live in a democracy - we are a Republic

The arrogance in this letter is astounding. shall we closely examine the methodology used arriving at the quote "80% " statistic? Under the current resident of the white house's "background check" proposal; borrowing a neighbor's hunting rifle - without a background check-would have been a felony. . Sen Ayotte has sufficient intelligence and judgement to look under the facade and made the right choice for NH. That is common sense.

Wait wait wait...this letter is from a NH LAWYER???? Really? You've got to be kidding me.

Math lesson for Ayotte? How about a civics lesson for the general public???? First order of business? Explain the difference between a democracy and a republic.

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