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Letter: State Senate must vote

Why is the state Senate refusing to take up the resolutions passed by the House? Suddenly we have the requirement of a two-thirds vote to take up these resolutions, for the first time in history.

It’s bad enough that we must watch the U.S. Senate limp along because 60 votes are somehow needed to even get to voting on an issue. Now we have our state Senate refusing to respond to the resolutions that House members have passed, resolutions that are supported by many voters in our state.

What are these resolutions?

HCR 1, urging Congress to fund a comprehensive health-care delivery system to enhance specialty care for New Hampshire’s veterans.

HCR 2, requesting Congress begin the process for a constitutional amendment establishing that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights.

HJR 1, directing the Joint Legislative Historical Committee to acquire and display a portrait of suffragist Marilla Marks Ricker.

Tell your state senators you want them to do the people’s business: schedule hearings, listen to our voices and then vote on the resolutions!



Legacy Comments1

I only heard about this rule change recently, it works so well to keep things from getting done in Washington, I guess they want to bring the disjunction here as well.

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