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Letter: Police state

There can be no denying that the police state has arrived in America.

Last Friday’s operation in and around Boston clearly demonstrated the police apparatus in full view. Some residents were actually forced from their homes at gunpoint, while police dressed in military garb searched their homes without prior consent in hopes of finding the bombing suspects. Sadly, as this situation unfolded before our eyes, most people willingly conceded their liberties for a little bit of security.

The American people are slowly being conditioned to accept the pervasiveness of the police state. As the country moves forward, look for the government to play upon our fears as it trumpets new measures to increase the police state.

Of course, the state harkens some novel doctrine called the “public safety exception rule”; in other words the public was in danger, which necessitated the state in locking down an entire city and suspending the people’s liberties. Such excuses have always been used to justify the expansion of the state at the expense of the people’s civil liberties.

It is exactly during these times that the people’s liberties need to be safeguarded at all cost. Once we compromise the rights of individuals, those rights are never fully restored, as the state almost invariably enacts new legislation to curb our liberties.

Slowly, as the police state grows, both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are being shredded. It is time to speak up and protest these abuses.



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this news from the highly gun regulated liberal stronghold of Illinois in the famous democrat controlled city of Chicago:Nearly a dozen people were shot in separate incidents across Chicago on Tuesday, and at least nine were shot since 4:30 p.m.

Hogwash! I've been to real police states and I can say that you have no idea what you are talking about. A police state is one where the state's power is everywhere, where people like the Tsarneyev brothers and anyone else who has ever uttered an anti-government word would be under 24-hour surveillance with their movements and communications constantly monitored. No, we didn't see a police state, we saw police work. It was public servants putting their lives in harm's way to capture a pair of attempted mass murderers and wanna-be terrorists. It was also a community that was at risk and that cooperated with their police to help them to do their job. Because of the diligence of the police and the cooperation of the public, it took mere days to identify two previously unknown criminals, who were violent, armed and dangerous, find them and bring them to justice without any further harm to the public. No, Matthew. Not a police state. It was everyone working together for the good of all.

Sorry, but for me safety was an issue. Many moons ago, folks use to actually have common sense about things. Today, folks are all about drama, tragedy etc. The media is on steroids promoting crap. I would have guessed you could have had folks who wanted to be heros and get their 15 minutes of fame by forming groups and looking for the bombers themselves, thus hampering the authorities in their search. People are idiots these days. And folks would have been outraged if they were out and about doing their normal things and another bomb went off say in the subway. Then there would have been cries that the authorities killed folks because they did not shut the subways down. That is how folks operate these days. You cannot treat terrorists like common criminals. They have bombs. Your average murder say kills and then disapears. terrorists goals are to kill as many folks as possible with bombs. Folks cannot be trusted anymore to do the right thing. On one hand they trash the police if they do not protect them, then they cry they are going to far to achieve that protection.

Once you lose your rights, you cant go back in time to get them back. An entire city on lockdown ... something I have never ever seen. Terrorists around the world must have cheered. The other notable time citizens lost their rights was after Katrina, when the police super confiscated law abiding citizens guns.

Why does it have to come back to guns? Always? Do you really want to discuss loss of personal freedom? If you do, look back to the passage and subsequent reauthorization of the hideous USAPATRIOT Act. Look to the current debate of CISPA which will give unlimited access to all electronic communications (as if the NSA didn't already have them all archived). These and others are monstrosities passed by Congresses of both parties and signed by Presidents of both parties. And you worry about some gun-grab conspiracy theories? No wonder they can get away with it you're so distracted.

"And you worry about some gun-grab conspiracy theories?" What conspiracy? Google " Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006 "

That's really rich! Having a few minutes to waste while the dishes were soaking in the sink, I did precisely that, Googled what you suggested. And guess what? The ONLY link on that subject was to your post right here. Talk about instant celebrity!

Reply to the guy below with the broken Google....your Google is broken. Here ..try this..

Loss of freedom, let's look at Obamacare. Yes, this week we reviewed next years health care costs and it will be 65% more out of all of our checks over this years rate. Moreover, benefits will be reduced and that will cost more and the insurance will only be accepted by certain the many, gave up health care that they held for most of their lives for those who don't make the same choices in life. Freedom is also lost through choice as you will not be able to choose your doctor in many cases. Another example of loss of freedom is being able to obtain right to know documentation, Deval Patrick shot that one down after the Boston bombings, so you can see loss of freedom there.

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