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Letter: Appropriate metaphor

Re “Ayotte as lapdog. Sexist?” (Monitor Opinion page, April 27):

Mike Marland’s metaphor is not only appropriate, but on target. I checked at least five online dictionaries for the definition of “lapdog” and not one referred to gender. Macmillan Dictionary, for example, has “a weak person who is willing to do whatever someone else tells them to.” When Sen. Kelly Ayotte disregards the overwhelming preference of her constituents for reasonable background checks for gun purchases and votes as a special interest dictates, I’d say this is an accurate description. I look forward to Ayotte’s defeat in 2016.



Legacy Comments1

Can you say Astro-turfing? The democrats should be very afraid from the backlash for over playing their hand on this one. The extremists are coming out in droves on this one and they are scaring off the moderates.

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