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Jeff Bauman’s stepmother condemns Rep. Stella Tremblay’s comments

The stepmother of Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman has called Rep. Stella Tremblay’s comments that Bauman’s injuries may be fake “deplorable” and “appalling.”

For “a representative of our state to say that, to doubt people such as myself, who’s a citizen of this state just as she is, without even calling, questioning, asking anything about our son, I think it’s deplorable,” said Csilla Bauman, who lives in Concord.

On Tuesday, Tremblay, a Republican from Auburn, questioned Bauman’s injuries in a radio interview, saying Bauman did not look in pain or agony in the iconic photo showing him being pushed in a wheelchair with his leg in shreds. “If I had those types of injuries, I’d be screaming in agony,” she said.

Tremblay’s comments come after her remarks last week that the marathon bombings were executed by the government.

Bauman, a Massachusetts native who visits his family in Concord frequently, was standing near the finish line when the bombs exploded. He had both of his legs amputated below the knees and is now in a rehabilitation facility in Boston.

Csilla Bauman said she was shocked to hear Tremblay’s comments. If Tremblay had questions about Jeff’s injuries, she could have called up the family and asked.

“I know it’s freedom of speech, I get that, (but) why wouldn’t she just call us and ask us about it?” Csilla Bauman said. “How could she say something like that? It’s quite disgusting.”

On Thursday, Tremblay issued an apology.

“My sincere apologies if I have offended anyone with my comments regarding the Boston Marathon bombing,” her statement said.

But yesterday morning, she reiterated on Boston’s WEEI radio that she is not sure if Bauman was really injured.

“I would love to go and visit Jeff, I would like to go and apologize to him if he was hurt,” she said. She then restated her point that if she were injured, she would be screaming in pain.

Just because Jeff was not screaming doesn’t mean he was not in intense pain, Csilla Bauman said. In fact, medical personnel said none of the victims were screaming, which was likely because of shock.

“The medical people told us you would not believe how quiet and somber all these patients were when they came in,” she said.

Tremblay’s comments have been strongly condemned by Republican leadership.

(Kathleen Ronayne can be reached at 369-3309 or or on Twitter @kronayne.)

Legacy Comments26

To me, this story is really about trust, about what we can know as fact. The problem underlying this and other stories like it is that people are vulnerable to misleading information precisely because the internet (specifically) is rife with deception. For example, Democrats pose online as Republicans (and vice versa), even creating websites that appear to belong to someone they don't belong to at all; while conspiracy theorists spot anomalies that tempt us to doubt our own eyes. Various media indeed ARE easily manipulated; and we all SHOULD be skeptical. Not of this sort of thing, of course; but we should receive with suspicion the party line in these confusing times. This particular conspiracy was drummed up by a professor in Florida, the same one who cast doubt on the Sandy Hook shootings. He COULD be doing all this for pure research: as a media specialist, he might want to see how many follow his red herring. Or he could be sadly mistaken, and even horribly paranoid. As for politics, history is revised even now. For example, it wasn't right-wingers who created these, but a few Democrats: Obama isn't properly black; he was a drug dealer, a Muslim born overseas. The Hillary Clinton machine cast many aspersions on Mr. Obama, and because they were cast by Democrats, SOME Republicans believed they had merit. In other words, people are easily confused by appeals to their skepticism. Even skepticism can be exploited for political gain. It's all rather scary.

This is not about hatred of Obama Tillie. That is what you believe. Hate is a very strong word. I am sure you used it on purpose. We do not hate this President. We do not like his policies, we feel he is incompetent, and we feel he has done more than any President to divide the people he serves.

I don't know how you or Gone feel about anyone, I just go on the comments I read here. No matter what the subject is, somehow all the comments from the right have to get Obama's name into it somehow. And how you feel is how you feel, but that does not make it a fact. There is Obama hatred. It is on right wing radio and Fox news everyday.There is plenty of racism involved in the hate. Just today a friend who works at CVS had to listen to a customer make a racist remark about Obama and his wife. Maybe not you but there definitely is. Bush Jr. I think could compete for the title of the President who had done more to divide the country. I really don't think any rightwing Republican will ever accept a Dem. president. If they can't get him impeached they will try to undermne him, even if it is bad for the country. I am finished with this subject . You people just keep repeating yourselves.

To be VERY clear here, I never mentioned Obama. I said the Obama ADMIN. Specifically Susan Rice, and the lefts screams of racism for anyone with common sense to denounce her fact free statements.

When talking politics, it is common to discuss who is currently in office. I think we saw plenty of hatred, vile statements, etc when Bush was in office. We also saw that with Palin. One of the most disgusting campaigns we ever saw. Brought rhetoric to a new low. This current adminstration has the protection of the media. With that protection also comes the freedom of the media to be an instrument to promote public discourse in the name of politics. It has become so bad, that the public has to spend hours finding out any info for themselves. Both parties are guilty of this. Playing race cards, pitting women against women and judging folks by the size of their wallets is wrong. Going after religions is wrong, and using those cards to stiffle speech is wrong. It is that simple. Folks should be outraged at the media. They are not. Instead they re lead like sheep to believe the media, instead of doing their own research. Say what you want about networks you admit you do not watch. But there is a reason fox has the most viewers. yes they have some bias, but not as much as the left leaning stations. Fox allows folks to come on and state their case. left leaning networks just spout their Progressive Rants.

Yeah GWTW when you bring these things up, the left go ballastic. They do not want to hear it, so they try to shut you down. I am sure they are not thrilled about hearings next week. Like Nicholson said in one of his film's "You can't handle the truth"

Life, Liberty & Property are like three sticks in the bundle of Rights, that of when a part of your life, of the use of your limbs are TAKEN from you (you do NOT "lose" your legs, like what Andy Rooney protested this "losing" word on CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" before he died) you go into shock and so do not scream. Of what about those victims of gov't crime of when "they" of rogue agents do TAKE your property!? Reference when goons of Uncle Sam took Ed & Elaine Brown across State lines to Maine OUT-side the Federal district too, in violation of the 6th Amendment, since preliminary hearings are a PART of the trial! You expect Ed to shut up of to put his protests in writing behind bars of YOU call a Correctional Facility to N.H. Art. 18 be reformed but it really just a warehouse. Of you who allow this I want to scream AT! Shame on you! The too many MOC legs in Congress ought to be yelled at by the now leg-less so that other victims do not go through such by anti-American protectors who sometimes are right! but wrong in the delivery of their message.

The town of Auburn, Chester and Sandown, you can't be proud of this nutcase. Stella is in serious need of Thorazine! Just merely the fact that she is using the Pep position to bring attention to her own paranoia should be enough to get rid of her. Resign or be forced out. Who could possibly ever trust your judgement? Your about as sick as the Boston Marathon's Bombing Mother. You are a nut!

Stella's comments are about as stupid as saying a disgusting video caused a spontaneous riot that killed 4 Americans, 7 Libyans and injured 3 in Benghazi. Yeah...they are that bad.

Your comment attempts to diminish Tremblay's bizarre and foolish remarks with a comparison that besides being gratuitous and off-topic, relies on an inaccurate and distorted reference to Benghazi--a snapshot image that may reflect the first hours of the Benghazi coverage, but that no one on any side of the issue thinks is an accurate reflection of the truth.

First few hours? Try 5 days. The poor families of the dead heros have had to endure 7 months of pure BS. I'm not trying to diminish Tremblay's bizarre and foolish remarks, what I'm saying is while they may be bizarre and foolish, statements made by the Obama admin after the last terrorist attack were much much worse. Ah, but now, we are reminded that was a long time ago. Must be comforting to the families.

We need answers. The last two hearings were a joke. Hopefully the whistleblowers will be able to clear up all the coverups. The blame game. Clinton's hearing was nothing more than her fellow Dems praising her. When asked tough questions she cried. Folks seem to have no concern about security. We are dealing with terrorists folks, From Boston to Libya this adminstration has proven how incompetent they are.

Dont forget that Ayotte, Ghramm and McCain were called "racists" for even suggesting that Rice was not being truthful. Another disgusting filthy and disturbing piece of history brought to you by the Democrats. May they all rot in hell for that.

What is wrong with you people? You cannot even stay on subject and no matter how horrific a Republican is, you have to turn it back to some supposed coverup by Democarats. We have Republicans saying Obama caused Boston, faked Sandy's impact, faked employment numbers, faked poll numbers, faked support for gun control. Don't you realize that you lose credibility with your Obama hatred that completly obscures your reason? I will tell you about a coverup that I believe in; the lead in to the Iraq war.

I see my statement about the Obama administrations response to a terrorist attack has hit a nerve. Now, put yourself in the place of the parents of the dead Americans, be fed 7 months of BS, be told a video was the cause of your sons death. Hear the screams of "RACIST" when elected officials try to get facts. Unimaginable. We all agree that Tremblay 's comments are out there. Question is...where were the rest of you left wingers 7 months ago? Screaming "RACIST" with the rest of the loons???

I have been in many a wrecked car when I was a young man and served on my Rescue Squad and Fire Department. I have seen many people with horrific trauma. And they do not scream out. This woman is a disgrace to her town and our state.

In the November election 1,628 voters in Auburn, 1,246 in Chester, and 1,586 in Sandown elected Ms. Tremblay to the NH House. I wonder how many of those 4,460 individuals knew who they were voting for and what qualifications she possessed? Her shameful behavior and confusing, less-than-sincere apology should have been accompanied by her resignation. No matter what she does, her unhinged commentary should serve as an object lesson to every NH voter, regardless of political affiliation, that we share responsibility for this type of conduct when we cast a ballot without spending any time learning about candidates. When you check a box based only on the presence of an R or a D next to the candidate's name, this is what you risk getting for your lack of effort.

I think she needs to have her head checked and keep her mouth shut unless she knows what she is saying the guy wasn`t screaming in pain because he was in shock what does she think he is going to do and now the guy has lost both legs because of it shes an idiot and to think she is working for the governmnt in the State of New Hampshire I am so glad I left that state in 2008 now that they have people like this in there.My self I wouldn`t let that women any where near my family I`d be affrad she might make more of it to cover her self for the lies she has already talked about.

Please God keep her away from this family.

It is part of the national Republican "rebranding." In NH alone, Peter Hansen, Kelly Ayotte incapable of voicing a valid reason for her NO vote, and now Stella Tremblay. Keep up the good work.

She is an idiot and needs to resign

I would not allow her to visit if it was my son. She is an idiot!

Does anyone think this Tremblay thing is of sound mind?

Well I'm glad to hear you raise that question. The real question however is, will the rest of the "unusual" suspects appreciate your query, or run to Tremblay's defense due to some Pavlovian, knee-jerk reaction.

Kudos to RabbitNh and Waltham Watch for their comments. I think the post by GWTW answered the question you raised.

Rep.Tremblay, having been in a horrific accident as a child I can honestly say that when you are injured, like Mr. Bauman was injured, your body goes into shock and you actually don't feel any pain. It is amazing what the body can do when something horrific happens. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Until you've lived through something such as Mr. Bauman or myself have you have NO idea what a person can or can not feel.

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