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Letter: We’re working to abolish the state death penalty

Congratulations to Maryland for becoming the sixth state in six years to abolish its death penalty. For those Granite Staters who are hoping that we will become the seventh state, please know that there is a group working very hard to make that happen. Visit the website of the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty,, and join to make abolition a reality in New Hampshire.



Legacy Comments2

Ms. Keshen: If you fact check the anti death penalty claims, you will find that they are either inaccurate or that the pro death penalty positions are stronger. Brief review of a few topics. The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy and THE DEATH PENALTY: SAVING MORE INNOCENT LIVES OF COURSE THE DEATH PENALTY DETERS: A review of the debate RACE & THE DEATH PENALTY: A REBUTTAL TO THE RACISM CLAIMS Saving Costs with The Death Penalty THE DEATH PENALTY: NEITHER ARBITRARY NOR CAPRICIOUS Is there Class Disparity with Executions? Brutalization & The Death Penalty: More Support for the Deterrent Effect LIFE: MUCH PREFERRED OVER EXECUTION 99.7% of murderers tell us "Give me life, not execution" US Death Penalty Support at 80%; World Support Remains High and 95% of murder victim's families support death penalty Is Execution Closure? Of Course.

Barbara, So if it was your responsibility; how would you protect law-abiding citizens from violent criminals?

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