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Letter: Pointless gestures

Re “Bold ideas for the backside” (Monitor front page, May 6):

This summer I want all of the creative idea brainstormers to barnstorm across New England and upstate New York. But don’t go to the tourist draws; go to the crap towns like Concord to learn how grand, expensive, disruptive, pointless gestures don’t work. Out of the box and into the trash.

Don’t alert the chambers of commerce that you’re coming, don’t read the booster club brochures – just look at the trash blowing across the barren plazas, the fetid green water features, the brown leaves dropping on empty streets.

Make a note of the aging demographics, the young people desperate to leave, the two attractions that once seen need never be seen again, and the quiet shoppes not selling things you can buy better or cheaper at home or online.

A big sign, though – it’s done wonders for Hollywood: It has almost as many panhandlers as we do!



Legacy Comments2

Oh, my, those "job creators" again!

ah...some one who see a lot and speaks no half truths. So maybe the voters will finally realize that those who they did elect really make a difference. Maybe we will realize that those who give away and create nothing should be sent home to make room for the job creators.

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