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Letter: A lesson in political courage for Ayotte

How heartening to read that Sen. Kelly Ayotte is congratulating herself for going against the people in her party who didn’t even want a debate on gun regulation. “Ultimately,” says the senator, “everything should always be debated and discussed.”

Voting on something, apparently, is another matter, since she joined 53 others to prevent that from happening, proving that talk alone is indeed cheap.

I also don’t see the senator rushing to expedite consideration of judicial nominees, which makes me wonder how many exceptions there are to her definition of “everything.”

Next time she’s back home, I hope she makes it over to the State House plaza, where she can read the words on the statue of John P. Hale that define moral and political courage in New Hampshire: “The measure of my ambition will be full if when my wife and children repair to my grave to drop the tear of affection to my memory they may read on my tombstone, He who lies beneath surrendered office, place, and power rather than bow down and worship slavery.”



Legacy Comments1

In the recent mislabeled legislation, the title, “background checks” was just the cover of a much bigger book. Sen. Ayotte was wise enough to look at the legislation in detail. That’s the kind of legislator we need. Or, you could have legislators like Pelosi who says, “You can see what’s in the health care bill after you pass it”. Is this what you want in a legislator? Is that responsible on any level? Would you want that kind of legislative process going on when a more rational government comes back into power? Really – is that the system you want? We need more like Sen. Ayotte who look beyond the outer label on the package to the details inside. ”. I don’t see this patrol thrown at the Democratic legislators who voted like Sen. Ayotte. Proof positive this has nothing to do with public safety - this is pure partisan politics!

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