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Letter: I agree with Ayotte

I have been reading all the comments about the vote Sen. Kelly Ayotte cast concerning gun registration. First, I want to know where these people are getting all their figures that they are mentioning, such as 98 percent of the public thinks this, 90 percent of the public thinks that. Not once has anyone ever asked my opinion on any vote. I am part of the public.

Second, people are being very abusive with their comments about Ayotte. I agree with her decision and applaud her for standing alone in making it. Why can’t people understand that honest citizens are not the ones who need background checks? And the ones who need it won’t put themselves in a position where they will be checked.

I am not a member of the left wing or the right wing; in fact, I don’t have any wings. I am not a member of the Tea Party; I prefer coffee. I am just an ordinary citizen who doesn’t like the way the government is interfering in our lives in so many ways.



Legacy Comments1

liberals fight to win and fight dirty.....and now we have to fight fire with fire as civility in politics is simply not in a liberals vocabulary

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