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Letter: New way to prevent crime

With the recent unfolding of the horrible kidnappings in Ohio, many wonder how it went on for such a long time.

The law enforcement community, understandably, can’t be everywhere to detect these crimes, especially with current budget constraints on their departments. We know from the Boston Marathon bombing that video cameras are only effective after the fact. Also, neighborhood reports aren’t always considered reliable, for one reason or another.

There is a way, though, that we can police our communities, urban and rural. Our U.S. postal carriers are everywhere, every day (almost) and see more of what’s going on than anybody else.

Let’s have those in charge of our national security use this valuable resource and recruit them to help save our society and our country from more crime.

Current methods are just not working.



Legacy Comments4

New way to prevent crime ....defeat liberalism

New way to defeat stupidity . . . defeat the Tea Party.

Pssst… your U.S. Postal Carriers are everywhere, and they have been recruited to spy on you for the Federales. How's that workin' out so far? Or might you prefer drones? Both OK? Any principled limitations on getting current methods of policing our communities working more effectively?

And soon if the less goverment folks have their way they will soon be spying for big business as they try to make you a serf.

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