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Letter: Practical solution for the homeless

I agree wholeheartedly with “Where should they go?” (Nadine Dahl, Monitor letter, May 15).

Instead of having the homeless camping piecemeal all over private and public land, provide a decent size space of unused land containing the facilities they need and within reasonable walking distance of the Friendly Kitchen and other places they need to go.

The area could be patrolled to some extent just as regular neighborhoods are. Warnings could be issued to any inhabitants who do not maintain their own areas properly or constantly cause trouble for their neighbors. If these individuals continue to cause problems, then they could be evicted instead of throwing everyone out.

Most people would live decently if they were given a chance and could feel secure in what they had.



Legacy Comments1

Yes that seems like a logical soluation, but there is on ly one problem with that. Not all the homeless get along with each other. I should know i use to be one and i am still called names and stuff from the homeless because of who i date or who i hang out with. They all have to be in someones business. That is why they do not get along they do not know how to keep there noses out of other people stuff.

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