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Letter: What’s Shaheen worried about?

So now our senior senator, Jeanne Shaheen, has been found, along with six other U.S. Senate Democrats, to have asked the IRS to impose a strict cap on the amount of political spending allowed by tax-exempt nonprofit groups. What in the world would Shaheen be concerned about?

Why would she be worried about citizens voicing their right to free speech by donating to certain political organizations and/or campaigns? Could it be that she is starting to see the writing on the wall regarding her political future where her admiration of Kermit Gosnell’s interpretation of Roe v. Wade coupled with her continued zeal to support President Obama in his Benghazi coverups have horrified the majority of New Hampshire voters?

Time for Shaheen to appoint another blue ribbon committee to redo her resume and help her look for employment in the private sector.



Legacy Comments2

I like a good letter. Seeing how I went all weekend without reading one, this one is even better. Yes, I enjoy the liberals letters when written well too, but when you come to the Kermit Gosnell reference, Letter to the Editor gold was struck. Obviously the letter writer is on Shaheens mailing list. All abortion all the time.

If you have to ask about the evils of special interest group spending, I don't see how logic could help. Just why would a rational voter want out of state money impacting our state elections, that is reason one. The right is always ranting about Union spending so lets just do away with the undo influence that big money uses to control elections. One person, one vote seems like a good idea. We have allowed greed to drive our elections, politics is big business with even bigger pockets. Why shoiuld a voter with millions of dollars have more clout in the voting booth than your everyday working man/women? Do away with the liberal and conservative PAC's and their tax exempt status.

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