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Letter: Intimidation tactics

‘If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” – Ted Nugent, NRA board member, NRA convention April 2012.

“So, as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those fighting words for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr. Gore: ‘From my cold, dead hands!’ ” – Charlton Heston, NRA president, from NRA convention speech.

“We’re in a war. The other side knows they are at war, because they started it. They are coming for our freedom, for our money, for our kids, for our property. They are coming for everything because they are a bunch of socialists.” – Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America, Washington Post, January 2013.

“You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns.” “Anyone wants to come to my house will get shot in the face. The right to bear arms is my constitutional God-given right, and I will exercise that right till the day I die. What’s in the letter is nothing compared to what we got planned for you.” – Excerpts from ricin-laden letters intercepted en route to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama.

Is it just me or is there a common thread of intimidation here? Fortunately, we live in a democracy where majority rule trumps intimidation.



Legacy Comments9

This President showed right out of the gate he was willing to go after folks. The arrest of the Harvard Professor showed that President Obama was willing to set the tone. Those who work for him know where he stands on everything, and they do his bidding accordingly. Now the extent of corruption is coming out. They have been proteted by the media, but my guess is the media now realizes that if they do not agree with this adminstration, they will also be targeted. So far we have the IRS and the DOJ used to intimidate folks. It is obvious what is going on here.

Huh?!? The Harvard professor who was arrested because the white Cambridge police officer didn't like the look of the black man who was locked out of his own house, repeat: HIS OWN HOUSE. Oh yes, he did mouth off to the cop, but really.... Didn't the president have them both down to the White House for reconciliation over a beer? Didn't he defuse something that would otherwise have led to litigation and further division? But according to the fact-free Right, that's just another example of "go[ing] after folks."

Try this on for size gracchus. Gates had to force the door open. A neighbor called about a possible breakin. Gates immediately started yelling that he was being questioned because he is black. Obama steps in before he had a clue what went down. When the real facts came out, Obama looked liked an idiot. So the Beer Fest. Gates was the one who who got nasty. Played the race card big time. And all the elites bought the story that because he was black the police had no right whatsoever to question him. All charges were dropped for Gates just like all the charges were dropped for Obama's Uncle that lives in Mass that got off for drunk driving. He is illegal by the way and there has been no attempt to deport him or anything. He is back working at the Liquor store and he is a drunk driver. Wake up and smell the coffee. Get informed.

Oh yes, Obama defused something after he made it much worse by saying: "The Cambridge Police acted stupidly", which they did not and they did exactly what they should have done which was ask the question. The professor had a chip on his shoulder and was so bitter about his belief that race is the sole cause for everything that he reacted inappropriately. The color of a persons skin seldom has anything to do with most of these situations, it is about attitude.

Passionate proclamations from individuals to be sure but I feel state sponsored oppression of anyone with they disagree by the current president and his handlers - is much much worse. Not individual opinions but blatant abuse of gov't authority and the law as well as criminal misuse of hard-earned tax-payor income. That is leagues worse than individual opinions; however passionate.

Its banana republic tactics. And I dont see one liberal here doing anything but defending the tactics.

Yes, damn it! Banana Republic! Their clothes look so good on the professional models but make me look old, overweight and pasty-faced.

What state sponsored oppression might you be referring to? Perhaps you are thinking of the IRS persecution of all those poor "patriot" organizations. You know the ones I mean - the ones that sought tax-exempt status which expressly requires avoidance of political action and then got knee-deep in politics. Of course, a statement that includes "...criminal misuse of hard-earned tax-payor income" is unlikely to look at the realities of the issue.

Again Gracchus get informed. The Non Profit they were applying for allows for 51% of their time to be used in regards to politics. Just like Move On Dot Org etc. They have that non profit approved. As did Obama's Pac. Citizens United Decision created that non profit that was half social welfare and have politics. Obama gave the message when he said that the police acted stupidly and then when into his speech about racial profiling. He pretty much put the message out there, use the race card folks if folks disagree with you. And you folks are following suit. Using the race card at every turn.

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