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Letter: State has an obligation to make health exchange work

I agree with the Monitor’s editorial supporting the use of federal grant funds to inform residents about the state’s health insurance exchange (“The health, and health care, of thousands is at stake,” May 30).

Our state faces daunting deadlines – enrollment in the exchange must start Oct. 1 for coverage that commences Jan. 1, 2014. Those whom the state exchange is designed to serve will need assistance to navigate the initial complexities of the new marketplace.

Given that New Hampshire must have a state exchange, all consumers who participate in this new marketplace should possess as much information as possible, not only about the subsidies for purchasing health insurance but also about options for insurance plans in general. As of now New Hampshire is one of only seven states planning to partner with the federal government to operate its exchange. The state should make every effort to ensure that this partnership works the best it can for New Hampshire citizens.



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