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Letter: Mad as hell

I hope everyone in our country soon will bring shouts of anger expressing our outrage to our elected officials in Washington.

We have a debt that is completely out of control, military involvement everywhere that will never end (and soon to include Syria) and a presidential visit to Africa that will cost the American taxpayers $100 million. Doesn’t anyone else think this is insane?

I feel like imitating the actor Peter Finch in the 1976 movie Network, opening my office window and shouting, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take anymore!”



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Don't look at me. I voted Ron Paul. "During what organizers described as perhaps the most widely attended town hall-style meeting Ron Paul has held yet, the Republican presidential hopeful said he would 'slash' military spending..." "He pledged that if he were elected president, he would cut $1 trillion of 'real money' out of the federal budget in the first year."

While cutting $1 trillion seems like a good idea, consider the consequences. By consequences I don't mean the cutting of services. You're talking about cutting our economy by a trillion dollars. Job cuts, business closures, impacting the military/industrial complex and all the defense jobs that come with it. This doesn't mean that the problem shouldn't be addressed, but this is not the time for an idealist as Paul. It's taken decades to grow the budget, it stands to reason that it will take as long if not longer to shrink it. It is actually in Wall Streets best to keep the debt, they make billions from lt. You don't want them to suffer do you?

Paul's plans would not necessarily lead to these consequences. He said he has a problem with "unprecedented deficits, massive monetary inflation, indiscriminate military spending... zooming foreign aid, the exaltation of international banking...." He has also said he has a "modest approach" for reducing the size of government, but added he would "slash" spending on military efforts overseas. "America may have an obligation to uplift people around the world, but the current system is failing, taking money from American people in need and spending it ineffectually in other countries." Paul also said there are five government departments he would eliminate: the departments of Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Interior. He added that some functions of the agencies are needed and should not disappear. He also has said "I would want to maintain a very close relationship with Israel. I want to be a good friend to Israel... But I do not believe that I should take money from anybody here and send money to Israel." His goal was to trim the fat of billions of wasted dollars, not destroy the country.

While this seems to be a rational set of goals I have a big problem with them. Call him what you will but he is still an idealist with grandiose plans. I am cynical whenever I see the words "trim the fat" regarding govt spending. Those are only a different way of saying "cut the social programs". The only way this can change is if we the people can take back our country. Right now as it stands my vote as well as yours and everyone elses has no meaning anymore. Money drives politics and as such drives the direction of this country - not the President. Ron Paul is no better or worse than the others, just more cunning. The key to surviving in DC is to appear to be a spokesman for the people and make it believable, while letting the special interests and power brokers run things from the shadows. I guess I have become cynical over the years but the one thing I do know is that when you reach the level of vast wealth there are no longer liberals or conservatives there is just more wealth. If I were a paranoid it would seem to me that the whole conservative vs. liberal battle is just there to keep us occupied and obscure the fact that we are only puppets on a string to amuse the obscenely wealthy. So yes be as mad as hell, just make sure it's directed to the responsible parties.

So you are mad our President is building relationships with African countries that will be strategic allies for our country. And you are mad that the debt of Presidents before him is now suddenly a problem. You are "mad as hell" for this? Oy.

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