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Letter: Bullies in action

The pictures of the disruption of the peaceful demonstration about gun safety (“Mayhem at gun rally,” Monitor, June 19) took me back to my teaching days. Suddenly, I was looking out across the playground and seeing the bullies in action.

It does not matter what the words were that were said or the opinions that were had, the bottom line is that the two photos show bullies in action. These are people who do not recognize the Constitution of the United States.

They do not honor anyone’s personal space, and they use bully tactics such as shouting, crowding and poking at people to demonstrate power.

Now, I do not believe that everyone who disagrees with me is a bully, and I don’t believe every gun owner is a bully. But I can tell you that those two men pictured on the front page of the paper are bullies, and they probably have been since childhood. There is no excuse for bullying in school, and there is no excuse for it here.

As to the gun safety discussion, I believe the bullies proved to us that the rights of the Constitution mean absolutely nothing to them, so any reference to the Second Amendment becomes moot.

By being bullies, they changed the conversation from an important and needed discourse to being about them and their behavior.

To those who spoke and read names, I apologize for the behavior of the bullies. To the bullies, I say what I said as a teacher, you need to review the Constitution and get your act together so you can communicate without using your bodies and your mouths as a weapon against others.



Legacy Comments2

MAIG is a 501C4 tax free group. I find it quite hypocritical that all the lefties on this forum were saying TP and Patriot groups did not deserve to be non profit tax exempt if they were political. As far as any view that differs goes, the left are the champions of attacking those who disagree with them. Notice the left, never discusses what is in the bill Ayotte voted against.

And if you need an example of the type of bullies we are talking about just look at the responses to the Monitor's editorial on this subject. Responses that we see too many times from those who occupy the far right bubble world in which any view that differs from their worldview, no matter how moderate or cogently put, has to be inherently "wrong."

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