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Letter: ‘Monitor’ hypocrisy

In the June 18 Monitor I read a letter to the editor from a David Fischer of Concord. In it he took issue with the Monitor staff’s assessment that the state Department of Corrections is making strides in its handling of inmates and their program needs.

At the end of the letter Fischer is identified by the editor as an inmate at the state prison in Concord.

Recently, there was another letter to the editor by the same David Fischer of Concord that was also printed in the Monitor.

In it he stated his opinion that all Second Amendment advocates are crazy right-
wingers who are out of touch with modern reality. Oddly, at the end of that letter he was not identified as an inmate at the state prison.

When he takes issue with the Monitor, he is a convict not to be taken seriously. However, when he espouses a view similar to the left-leaning Monitor’s own views, he’s just David Fischer, citizen of Concord.

Once again the hypocrisy of the Left comes shining through. Is it any surprise why the majority of Americans no longer trust the left-wing media.



(The Monitor typically adds short biographical taglines to letters when they provide pertinent context. In this case, we added the information about the writer’s status as a prison inmate because it explained his particular experience with the Department of Corrections. Ed.)

Legacy Comments1

caught with their hands in the cookie jar again....the journalism diplomas on the wall at the liberal CM cringe when the CM rag goes to print everyday

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