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Letter: Enough fencing

The Republicans, who haven’t accepted that they are now a minority party in the United States, are still acting as though they have a mandate to run the country. Witness their recent demand for $30 billion yes, that’s billion – to build a barrier across the border with Mexico.

For years they have preached against government spending, as if it was only their money. Now, with illegal border crossings at an all-time low, the Tea Party wants to ignore all the roads and bridges that need attention, and build a fence.



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For those History Buffs - in 2006 Congress voted to build the border did that work out for ya? ( answer..... only 60 miles has been built)

Beyond that it is law and Obama refuses to follow that law. Just another example of picking and choosing what he wants to enforce. There is only ONE reason why Democrats want the borders open and a hurried effort to legalize the illegals. They know that most of these folks lean to the Left and will vote for Democrats. It is a nefarious attempt to take control with one party rule.

A pretty sad commentary. Because a party lost by 2.5% in an election, they should just shut up and go along? Just sit there silently and allow a slim majority to call all of the shots? It is stunning to me how progressives feel that a simply majority should rule like a dictatorship.

Even with more than a slim majority we should take a lesson from Bully O'Brein. On another note, for true history buffs in the 2006 Congress the GOP controlled both the house and senate. So your point was..........

it is the LAW

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