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Letter: Replace the scary Sewalls Falls bridge

Say it isn’t so. The Sewalls Falls bridge replacement is being delayed yet again.

My family and I have lived in the same home for 39 years and drive over that bridge daily. It is scary, because it’s falling apart and has been.

The state engineers have said that it is too expensive to fix. The city council has approved the new bridge.

If Mr. Gavin wants to come up with the money to deconstruct and rebuild it somewhere else, let him.

Please, allow Mr. Roberge and the engineers to give us a bridge that is safe for walking, biking and driving.



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Wow... They just closed one lane... Like with Portsmouth's old Memorial Bridge... New Hampshire's most historic bridge was replaced even through it was a National Trust Eleven Most Endangered Historic Property. You don't see this every day. Sounds like an emergency in Concord. Better close the whole thing and force the issue. The public is scared. They soon won't settle for anything less now than a big I-beam replacement, or a massive cement box girder structure. It might make more sense to disassemble and store the historic Sewalls Falls spans for later reuse as a trails bridge for snowmobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, ATVs... like with Keene's new North Bridge. Maybe one day when the Great Recession lifts ( 2018? ) and the public grow weary of being played the Sewalls Falls bridge can again span waters. ---SWL

democrats sheeeeesh - the democrats that control Concord can ram through an $8 million project to beautify a few blocks on Main Street but cant fix a bridge

Concord is a progressive city. They don't let heritage structures get in the way of progress. Not with this bridge. Not with the old White Memorial Church. The parking lot that replaced the twin spired latter now supports nearby law firms... Helping the lawyer'n business. Concard is a progress city, looking to the future. Always!

Easy for you to say, Jim. But not if you were a Red-Tailed Hawk; the unofficial state bird of New Hampshire. That old Sewalls Falls bridge creeks so loud, the noise made me lose my grip on lunch while flying under it the other day. Had my whistle all set for salmon, but had to settle for road-kill...again. And don't tell me to fly two miles this way, or one mile that way, while eagles & crows feast on my chicks. Try flying under that old bridge before you open your beak, next time. -Rusty

I think I saw you the other day. I did wonder why an intelligent bird would fly under that old creaky single lane bridge when it could fly over it or beside it, get to the other side in the same time and then not lose its salmon dinner. I'll put a little extra bird seed on our feeder as one of your cousins uses it as his "bird feeder".

Ms. Wait - for your personal safety I will remind you that there is a bridge ONE mile north and a bridge TWO miles south on 393 to get you over the river. Unless you are visiting a friend just across the bridge then it will take you no longer to use another bridge. These small local bridges built when there was no other access across a river are the ones that should not to be replaced. Would you be for this if the USERS had to pay for it through a toll.

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