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Letter: Time for politeness is past

Re “The true ruling is in the Bible” (Brian Fuller, Monitor Opinion page, June 29):

I doubt that Pastor Brian Fuller can imagine how hypocritical, self-righteous and callous he sounds toward homosexuals – but it is glaringly obvious to anyone who doesn’t share his beliefs. One wishes to be polite, but the time for politeness is past. He is causing pain and suffering to those who cannot, and should not, be other than who they are. His “good news” sounds more like passive-aggressiveness.

It’s the same old story. Fundamentalist preachers defended slavery. They decried giving women the vote. They applauded the slaughter of Native Americans. They malign the idea of gays and lesbians being entitled to equality before the law – as well as the recent, overdue decision by the Boy Scouts of America that scouting should be for all boys.

News media go running to fundamentalists whenever they want the “Christian” view of an issue. I assure my fellow citizens in general, and my gay and lesbian neighbors in particular, that by no means do fundamentalists speak for all Christians, about this or anything else. There are Christian churches where gays and lesbians do not encounter patronizing condescension disguised as love.

Nor do all who call Jesus Lord and Savior take the Bible as the literal, inerrant Word of God, having realized that a literalist reading leads not only to follies like that creationist theme park in Tennessee, but ultimately to human rights violations and threats to our shared environment. That not all Christians are literalists is nothing new: It goes back at least to St. Augustine.

Fuller’s “good news” amounts to this: Be something you’re not, or stay single. He is obviously sure that such put-downs delight God. We’ll see.



Legacy Comments1

It never ceases to amaze me that the folks who cry the loudest for tolerance and justice, attack and insult those who do not agree with their position. It may come as a shock, but there are many out there, who do not agree with you either. Goodness knows, we have enough shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Give a person respect who holds a sincere dissenting viewpoint. That is real tolerance, both sides of an issue.

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