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Letter: Is the sky really falling?

President Obama’s insistence that we must further increase energy costs in an attempt to decrease carbon has no merit. Yes, it is undisputable that there is global warming. Yet there is no evidence that turning off coal-burning plants or modifying them to reduce emissions will reduce global warming. So we spend billions of dollars investing in what? While China and Russia and other European countries continue to reap the benefits of lower-cost energy through the use of coal, we are investing in the hope that we can reduce global warming by how much?

Perhaps if we stopped burning coal today we might reduce the average temperature by 0.17 of a degree. It is unimaginable that anyone can justify burdening the middle class, the poor and an economy that continues to limp along as a smart way to use resources and money. Before we jump in with both feet, all at once, in an attempt to reduce carbon – which arguably is a necessary part of existence as we breathe in and out, sharing the same planet with plant life that uses carbon – shouldn’t we ask what the return on our investment be?



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A tax on carbon is the only way to begin to make changes in how we use energy. We have to begin to price fossil fuels at their true cost, not their subsidized costs in this country. The illusion of low-cost energy--low gasoline prices, for example, slows progress toward that inevitable transition. Once we implement a carbon tax, we will move inexorably toward a low-carbon economy--alternative energy sources will be truly competitive, whether its hydrogen fuel cells or all-electric vehicles, widespread residential use of photovoltaic, and (possibly) new generation nuclear plants. Other nations, including China, are very concerned about climate change, fossil fuel use, and pollution. As the single largest contributor to the planet's fossil fuel carbon load, we have a moral duty to lead. And if we don't, eventually we'll be left behind. At what cost?

The future does NOT lie in any solution offered by the globul warming alarmists ...The REAL future lies in this : ITER Fusion Research Collaboration ITER is an international project to design and build an experimental fusion reactor ....until then - Drill Baby Drill !

While I know that climate deniers continue to dispute scientific findings, in a book titled 'Energy for Future Presidents', Richard Mueller, physicist, in charge of Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project has stated that IF the US wanted to invest $1billion to reduce atmospheric CO2, the best 'bang for the buck' would be to send it to China to be used to convert coal-burning power plants to burning natural gas. Mr. Mueller's BEST project has documented Earth temperature rise beginning around 1950. With over a billion data points, his conclusions are hard (make that: impossible) to dispute.

Dictator Obama cant get his way so he uses Executive Order

Good point about China, Russia, etc. I read where China has about 600 coal-fired generating plants... but we should feel guilty about ours in the US. How about if Obama starts by talking those other countries into shutting theirs down, too. And don't forget about North Korea.

Climatehysteria has taken over. The party of Chicken Little and the Boy Who Cried Wolf is clearly at the helm. They are piloting the Titanic sans iceberg, instead they are aiming the ship at the Constitution.

Obama declared that since Congress won’t enact his globul warming crapola he’s just going to impose them — much as would a king.

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