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Letter: Insufferable beliefs

Re “The true ruling is in the Bible” (Rev. Brian Fuller, Monitor Opinion page,
June 29):

You might remember Rev. Brian Fuller’s church, Trinity Baptist, as the one where in 1997 a 15-year-old girl who after being twice raped and impregnated by a church member was required to stand before the congregation asking for forgiveness for her pregnancy. Thirteen years later, when the police charged the man with rape, Fuller sent an email to congregants advising them to remain silent, according to the Associated Press.

Now he judges others for living a different lifestyle. Jesus said that only those who are without sin may throw the first stone at a sinner. Well, Mr. Fuller, you may not throw any stones as your hands are not clean, your soul is threadbare, and you are in need of forgiveness from your brothers and sisters in humanity.

It is not up to you to assign right and wrong to those who are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, heterosexual or any other “ual!”

You used the term “homosexual” 11 times in your column. Does writing that term make you feel righteous? You wrote that nonheterosexuals are in the same category as liars, thieves, pornographers and those who are lazy, prideful and self-righteous. I notice you didn’t include sexual predators. Don’t use the Bible to back up your unkindness. It was written a long time ago, and times change. If Jesus came to earth today, do you think you would be invited to dinner? Nope, no way! He would be saddened by your behavior toward God’s children.

We cannot tell people whom to love, whom to marry, whom to be. We are all people, some gay, some not, some are even pastors. Mr. Fuller, keep your insufferable beliefs to yourself.



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I thank Mr. Fuller for his comments as he finally, gave us something upon which we all agree - his opinions are WAY off base.

Paula, thank you so much for this excellent editorial. I was raised to do unto others as you have them do unto you. Mr. Fuller is despicable as Devil_Doc described and it horrifies me that this kind of hatred and bigotry exists. My hope is that those who follow him step back and see him for what he really is and flee.

What a despicable human being Fuller is.

What a great reply, Ms. Jewell. Let truly ethical behaviour -- religious and otherwise - be enunciated publicly and often. But do let insufferable beliefs see the light of day as well, so that their true nature can be made ever more clear to all of us by such commentary as yours above.

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