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Letter: The grim future

Everyone please step into the Way Forward machine – watch your step. Today, we go to the year 2035. After years of Koch brothers propaganda and influence, redistricting, voter suppression and corporate funding of Republican shills, Republicans now have a death grip on the House, Senate and presidency.

Social Darwinism is rampant, Ayn Rand is embraced and emulated, the middle class is gone; there are only the rich and poor. Minimum wage laws are gone, OSHA gone. Mitt Romney’s vision of labor camps, charging workers for room, board and food, with 14-hour workdays, creates a majority class of indentured workers. Social Security has been eliminated, senior citizens unable to “pull themselves up from their bootstraps” and without family support become homeless and die in run-down community poor houses – social pariahs, blamed for their poverty.

Evolution is banned, science is looked upon as evil, unless it creates anything that makes money. EPA laws are eliminated because they hold back businesses. Our water, soil and air – all polluted as is our food.

There is no separation of church and state, fundamentalist Christianity is fanatically and hypocritically observed.

Abortions are completely illegal, public stoning is back and even televised. Homosexuals are driven back into their closets.

We have endless wars cloaked in the verbiage of “nation-building” and “preserving our freedoms,” but it’s all about making money for the military industrial machine. Greed and maintaining power for the elite is the theme of this New Republic.

Stupid exaggeration? Maybe not.



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Obama’s planned 2013 regs would cost more than $130B, study says

Whose 'study'? Citation? Links? Source? Anything? Bueller?

Mexico has a higher gross domestic product, 3.5% than we do, 1.8. Mexico has a lower unemployment rate than we do. Theirs is 5%....welcome to the Obama economy

You're confusing figures, in your zeal and desperation to make a point--and not for the first time. Mexico does not have a "higher gross domestic product" than we do. Nor is per capita GDP higher.

Well if you look at the GDP growth rates, the US was .40% in the fourth quarter and 1.8% in the first quarter of 2013. Mexico grew by .45%, and both are anemic, however, not that different. Our unemployment is reported to be 7.6%, but we all know that all in unemployment is really about 16%. Mexico's latest number was 5.63%. Obama is turning this country .slowly into a third world economy

I believe that Sail is talking about GDP growth. 75% of the countries have a higher GDP growth rate than the US..

Stupid Exaggeration? How do we begin to tell? Stupid Inconsistency? Well, how, for example. do we include Ayn Rand with "Evolution is banned, science is looked upon as evil", and "There is no separation of church and state, fundamentalist Christianity is fanatically and hypocritically observed"? Ayn Rand particularly aside if you please, can we perhaps go one consistent issue at a time and have some idea of what makes sense with regard to particular issues inclusively? Not to tread on your particularly consistent parade...

Many, if not most of the devotees of Ayn Rand overlook her personal failings, and apply her half-baked philosophy strictly to the economic realm. It's a marriage of convenience for those who need a self-congratulatory justification for greed and a reason to belittle those less fortunate. Seen in this way, the interests of those who find in the Bible similar messages about personal "prosperity" neatly dovetail with hard-core Rand acolytes.

All depends, I suppose, upon what is meant by "Devotee" or "hard core Rand acolyte". Certainly the founders (many of whom I knew in NYC back in the day) and present members of such as the "Objectivist Institute" would not dream of such as this "marriage of convenience". I do agree that many political types, such as Paul Ryan recently, are somehow capable of this gross inconsistency. I am not a devotee of Ayn Rand or of anyone else particularly. My point is the obviously stupid (or at the very least utterly ignorant) nature of such glaring inconsistency in good conscience. Worst case -- obviously and pathetically opportunistic.

So weird how the Koch's and their millions bother you but you're silent on Soros and Bloomberg and their billions......

That may be because Soros and Bloomberg don't funnel millions into PACs that work to: deny global warming, destroy unions, fund Republican politicians, undermine everything the President attempts to do FOR the middle class and poor. Maybe you should do a little studying; google the Lewis Powell Memo and read the whole thing. Let me know if you agree with it or that it bothers you.

Bravo! Just to reinforce the point: The Koch Brothers funnel their millions into issues and policies from which they are likely to gain financially. Not so for Soros or Bloomberg. Whatever else you might think of them, they believe they are acting in the public interest. The Koch Brothers, in their philosophy, deny that such as a thing as "the public interest" even exists.

You are either very uninformed Bruce, or you just are pushing the same agenda that the Dems are the good guys and the Reps are the bad guys. The history of Soros is one of the New World Order, manipulation of currency, attack on religion, Nanny state, amnesty, control of the media, and a host of other power grabs. He is a very dangerous man. If you do not believe me, look at what he has done in other countries. The info is there.

Response to Rabbit: "Look at what he had done in other countries" Like his 'Open Society Institute', perhaps? I'm sure he's reaping huge profits off that one, which did much to end the Cold War and further perestroika. Or was that all part of a sinister plan? If he was a right-wing Republican, you'd be applauding him for the way he made his money. I don't like it, but at least now that he's made his money, he's acting the way that Carnegie, and J.D. Rockefeller did with their foundations. The same cannot be said of the Kochs, whose 'giving' is largely defined by naked (and sometimes thinly-veiled) self-interest.

Let's not forget that Soros has destroyed curriencies in the name of the "public good". Progressives idea of the "public good" is what they believe is best for everyone based on their set of self congratulatory beliefs. Therefore there is not a dimes worth of difference between Koch Brothers and Soros.

Ronald Reagan and Republicans brought an end to the cold war when they stood up to the Russian paper tiger.

Politics and ideology blur together really fast when you get billionaires involved. Whether a rich liberal or rich conservative, there is little difference. They are for what makes them richer regardless of our petty differences or desires. The last thing the Kock' or Soros' of this world care about are the working Americans, be them GOP or Dems.

You forgot that the Responsible Republicans also want to take food out of babies mouths and take medicine away from the elderly

If this was meant as sarcasm, it missed the mark - that is entirely their desire.

Not to mention denying millions of women access to family planning services.

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