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Letter: Marriage questions galore

Sometimes it’s called same-sex marriage. Sometimes it’s called gay marriage. Is it just one of these, or is it both?

Two years ago, my brother was fighting lymphoma. What if he had been single and without health insurance? What if I, a heterosexual, and my brother, a heterosexual, requested a marriage license? My brother would have been placed on my insurance plan. His lymphoma battle cost $1.5 million. Are heterosexual people to be denied the right to same-sex marriage?

Former Celtics player Jason Collins has recently come out of the closet. He is gay. He has an identical twin brother. What if Jason wanted to marry his identical twin brother, whether he is gay or straight? What reason would you give to deny such a union?

The last time I saw my first cousin was at a funeral. She had grown up and was a knockout. What if we wanted to get married?

What was once the human reproductive system is no longer so. Conception can be prevented and birth denied by law. Human genetic engineering will be the norm as this century rolls along. We will be able to avoid the problems that arise when close relatives mate.

Is there anyone who would deny me and my first cousin the right to marry? Why?

I feel sorry for the widowed wives of Osama Bin Laden. The progressive people who love the Monitor, would they be accepting of Sharia law and allow me to have four or more wives? This is my way of pursuing happiness.

Have we truly reached a time when anybody can marry anybody? Is marriage a contract for sex, or is it a contract for property? Or perhaps both?



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A contract for sex is called prostitution. A contract for property is called a sale. Marriage equality recognizes the civil right for consenting adult couples to enter into covenant with one another. To have their relationship and commitment to one another respected and valued. Civil marriage allows couples, gender-different and same-gender, the same rights, responsibilities and benefits.

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