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Letter: Supreme Court frauds

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and his merry band of loyal associate justices, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, are frauds. Justice Anthony Kennedy gets off the hook because of his sometime independence from the chief.

A significant body of legal analysts agree that the Roberts court has been the most corporate-friendly in generations.

It made me wonder from where in the Constitution do corporations derive their rights, so I did a word search of the entire document. The word “people” appears approximately 10 times, “citizen(s)” approximately 20; and “person(s)” appears approximately 50 times. “Corporation” is to be found a whopping ZERO times in the U.S. Constitution.

The conclusion is inevitable. Despite all the high-falutin’ talk about original intent, literalism and respect for precedent, the hard-line conservatives on the court have repeatedly found their constitutional basis in exactly the same place as their justification for gutting the Voting Rights Act: thin air. Corporations have acquired rights and privileges beyond those enjoyed by actual living human beings, and for no reason other than these justices’ vivid imagination and their obvious political agenda. I think “fraud” understates the case.



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One only need to read the Dartmouth and Santa Clara cases to know why this is settled law dating back to early 1800's

Oh great...more myths from the past !!

Bill...You are correct in your assessment. However, in a country where capitalism owns government, and the owners (who brag about owning the House of Representatives) see any attempt to wring justice out of THEIR system, it will take a real effort by the electorate to force Constitutional justice out of SCOTUS. Adding an Amendment which states that only breathing humans are considered people would get rich corporations (and their megabucks) out of government; and that would take a monumental effort, since they are so entrenched.

SCOTUS's role is to interpret the Constitution, not to legislate from the bench or bow to the agenda of the day from the electorate. You talk about rich corporations but how about unions, ACORN and other special interest groups? The real issue is that the Supreme Court is supposed to be a non-partisan, neutral body, yet, we allow it to be stacked with justices who reflect the administration which supports them. Liberal justices are the ones who constantly come down on just one side. Roberts upheld the Obamacare mandate, think about that.

Allow me to point out that Obamacare is the biggest gift ever granted to the private(!) health insurance industry. It seems to be perfectly in character with Roberts. I think Itsa ought to refresh his history lessons. At the absolute height of union influence, they had the burden of Taft-Hartley. ACORN? What did SCOTUS ever do for them, and where is ACORN now? Defunded and put out of business thanks to a totally fabricated smear campaign.

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