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Letter: This is not Dodge City

Thank you for your editorial of July 17, “Repeal state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.” It is well grounded and thoughtfully expressed. I fear that too many people forget that we do not live in Dodge City and it is now the 21st century. Even Matt Dillon believed in some regulation of guns. Remember: He asked strangers in town to leave their weapons in his office until they were ready to depart from Dodge. Those of us who reject the Wild West as a ethical premise must stand our ground against a gun-slinging mentality.



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I don't see fires breaking out on every corner. Since no potential of fire must surely exist... we should ban the possession of fire extinguishers, and only permit people trained... such as fire fighters to put out fires. If you see a fire, you must run and not deal with the issue yourself.

Hey, I live in Dodge City, Kansas. Great place to live. Unemployment is less than 4% & we like living here. WE have over 300 people in Ford County with Concealed Carry & I for one feel safer knowing that these people have been checked out by the KBI, checked for skill in using their handgun & that bad guys know that there are people out there, not in uniform, that can protect their family from people that should legally NOT have guns. Police protection = oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police do not protect you from crime, they usually investigate crime after it happens & then call someone to clean up the mess of blood & chalk lines. If Kansas people can do this without incident now for over 9 years, why can't citizens of your state? Check your historical records, we have always had far less killings per % of residents than do Chicago, NY or LA. Always been that way.

Bravo Dodge City. Too many folks are relying on sound bytes from the lame stream media and are very uninformed. In order to push their agenda they make blanket statements and never back them up. Cities have no clue how folks live outside of urban areas. They believe that they are the ones that know best. An arrogant mind set, that nothing exists outside of their cities.

I also live in Dodge City and am licensed to carry a concealed handgun. Thankfully, I have not had the need to use it to protect myself or others, but I would not hesitate to use it if the situation required it. People seem to forget that the main purpose of the police is not to protect you from a crime that could happen, their main objective is to investigate a crime that has already happened. Remember in a life and death situation where seconds count, the police are only minutes away!!

I find it interesting, and somewhat sad, following the history of concealed carry laws in the US. Florida was the state to establish a 'model' law allowing concealed carry. Legislators and citizens in 1987 screamed that there would be 'blood flowing in the streets'. After the governor signed the law, the only noted thing that happened was that the number of rapes and homicides DECREASED. Of course, there were several handgun murders that made the front page, but, calmer heads looked at the total effect of the results and realized that the legislators had it right. Following that, all the rest of the states (that didn't have ccw laws already) adopted concealed carry laws. Now all states issue ccw licenses.

You know what's most amazing here? That out of all the letters the Monitor receives, they chose to print this one. Need I say more?

FACT: Since becoming law in 2010, Stand Your Ground has not been an issue in a single court case or police action. Not much of a problem, I'd say.

So sad, the "Law-abiding citizen with a weapon should make you fearful - thatof assailant, rapists and murderers" brainwashing has been swallowed hook-line & sinker. People fear sharks and meteors but in reality, people die from heart disease and cancer. Sad they have been so effective with the message, "do not pay attention to that issue over there, it means nothing, not your concern, - just keep watching the shinning waving watch over here".

Funny, New Hampshire is the safest State in the United States and it is a stand your ground state. Also another interesting observation, there is absolutely no evidence of a "Dodge City" atmosphere, here in NH. Boy oh boy when the request to get those democrat talking points out there, people are sure are using their imaginations.

Holy cow! You're quoting a character in a Hollywood made TV show! I'll give you a hint here; there was no such person as Matt Dillon, and if there was, show us evidence that a similar lawman had such a rule. Also, as long as we're on the entertainment subject, specifically a TV western named Gunsmoke, did you know there is NO evidence that a "showdown" as seen at the start of every show, EVER happened. That's right, NEVER. Simply a product of a TV writer's imagination - just like your example.

Sorry, I should have wrote "using an example", not "quoting".

rje49-your comments were right on the money. It was the letter to the editor writer who made a desperate attempt to get democrat talking points out there.

rje49-just a desperate attempt to get those democrat talking points out there.

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