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Letter: License plate questions

A letter in the July 19 Monitor about Purple Heart vehicle plates reminded me of a couple license plate issues I have.

My first concern is with handicap plates. I know couples who have two vehicles and two handicap plates, but only one person is handicapped. Yes, there are handicaps that cannot be seen, such as heart disease, but I know drivers are misusing them for closer parking privileges and free access to venues.

Three years ago I went to the Division of Motor Vehicles to get a handicap placard to use in whatever vehicle I would be driving to take my terminally ill husband to doctor’s appointments, etc. He died five months later, and I returned the placard. I was told they usually don’t get them back. This is something very hard to control, but we need to do something.

My other concern is the yearly renewal fee for vanity plates. Last year I went to Concord City Hall for renewals and questioned the amount I was charged. One lady told me it was because I have two vanity plates at $40 each. For years my husband and I had received the renewals and sent them via mail so did not know what the specific vanity plate fees were. Last time I actually went into the office in Bow, I was told the rate was $25. At the time we had only one vanity plate, so it didn’t seem so bad. I have had my same truck plate for more than 40 years; it was replaced only once after an accident. Can someone please tell me why I have to pay an additional $40 to get the same darn stickers that everyone else gets?



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Sadly Tillie we have become a society of folks who are just plain lazy. There is plenty of handicap placards that are not needed. I see it all the time at places like concerts etc. Went to a concert last week and saw many folks with their cards and they did not seem to have any handicap as they were dancing, drinking and having a grand old time. They just wanted a closer parking space. I am one of the few also who actually puts back the cart when I am done with it. Things were instilled in me when I was a kid and I have not forgotten them. I also have that deal where I feel if you do anything like cheating, litter etc, you will have bad luck.

Well there you go, we can agree on something. The person who walks a little farther, stoops to throw litter and smiles at a clerk will be healthier and probably live longer.

I have often wondered what the criteria was to get a handicapped plate, there seems to be so many of them now. How come there weren't all these handicapped people 20 years ago. My husband and I are in our seventies. He has a replaced knee and I have a bad foot, but as long as we can walk to a store in a parking lot(and nowhere in Concord is it miles) I feel it is best and healthy to walk w/o a special plate. Also sorry but I feel the name of a vanity plate says it all, and if you want one you should pay for it. One last complaint, what is with all these healthy folks who can't walk a few feet to put a cart away. They probably just came from Planet Fitness.

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