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Letter: What next, Concord?

The gift of an armored car to the Concord Police Department is yet another example of the militarization of state and local law enforcement agencies that has taken place for several decades.

I seriously doubt the armored car can be justified. What are they going to do, mount an M-60 machine gun on top of it?

What is next on the police department’s shopping list – a predator drone?

This is a perfect example of why we have the debt and deficit problems. The city council could do us all a favor by saying thanks but no thanks.



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Give it back. Anyone in Concord allowing it to stay here is not living in the real world. This is not Nazi Germany and we do not need to allow Washington to make us believe that it is.

We only have 5 of them in the state.. How will we cover all the problems that we have. Greenland is a bad example because that should have never happened.

This grant fund is coming from the Office of Domestic Preparedness, and the Concord City Council Agenda refers to the two programs below as required uses for the grant money... Tell me, exactly what terrorism are they preparing for? Is there a sudden surge of "al-queda" in Concord? The case uses sited in the article talk only about normal day-to-day business of the Concord PD. I see no mention of terrorism prevention. The allowable scope of (State Homeland Security Program) SHSP activities includes catastrophic events, provided that activities implemented also build capabilities that relate to terrorism. The Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP) seeks to provide law enforcement communities with enhanced capabilities for detecting, deterring, disrupting, and preventing acts of terrorism.

Pinch me! This is the first time I can remember agreeing with Mr. Washburn. When I saw the picture of the vehicle, my first thought was occupants in body armor exiting, weapons in hand, to the strains of John Williams' music from Star Wars.

That is because, dear Gracchus, a love of personal liberty is something that both Libertarian/Tea-Party/Free-Staters AND liberal/progressives share. Now let's all join hands and sing Kumbaya . . .

I should have added, it's no worse than the brand new Tower sitting in central station, which I bet cost somewhere around a million dollars. They will run it in to the ground in the next decade using it mostly to respond to medical aid calls in the central fire station district.

But it's "free" Bob. You don't really expect them to pass up a free armored truck, do you?

gdn1, I agree- a waste of resources and sends a very bad message to the citizens, who the police ostensibly want on their side. Militarization of our police is the path to the dark side. (I agreed with gdn1?? - A sure sign of the apocalypse).

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